An Alternative to Laundry Baskets: Drawstring Storage Bag for Clothes


My son will soon start his college journey, and even though the start of the school year is still months away, I’ve been helping him prepare his things as he will be staying at a dorm. As much as I want him around, I know that this move will make his studying a lot easier because he can focus on schoolwork instead of worrying about daily commutes.

In preparation for his moving out, I decided to buy this Drawstring Storage Bag for Clothes here at MetroDeal. I figured that this would make it easier for him to bring his dirty clothes to the laundromat during weekends, instead of a laundry basket that may take up too much space in his room and can be quite heavy and difficult to carry when filled.

This drawstring bag is spacious and strong enough to store up to four loads of laundry, but can easily be folded for easy storage, making it space-saving, as well.

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Lacoste Chantaco Pique Leather Bugatti Bag

I’m an avid fan of Novak Djokovic, the World’s No. 1 tennis superstar. Watching him give his all during tennis matches makes me love the sport more and more. Nole, as his fans call him, also has a charming look and witty personality. He’s very confident too, which shows in the way he talks, moves, or dresses.

Lacoste has been one of his major clothing sponsors and being the obsessed fan that I am, I’ve also become loyal to the same brand.

Whenever there’s a Lacoste product that’s on sale on MetroDeal, I buy it, more often than not. The latest addition to my collection is the Chantaco Pique Leather Bugatti Bag, which is available in bronze, gold, khaki, navy blue, and red. I ordered khaki the first time around, but a Lacoste bag in red always looks sassy, so I got it, too. As usual, this iconic brand didn’t disappoint. The bags feel luxuriously French yet sporty at the same time, and it’s sized just right at 32 x 23 x 12 cm, which is neither too big nor too tiny. Now that I think of it, there’s always room for one more of those crocodile-branded bags in my closet.

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Michael Kors Watch


Wow! I’m still in shock! I can’t believe I got the chance to buy this piece for 74% off! So, let me tell you a bit about my experience and how I stumbled upon this excellent deal on MetroDeal.

I was looking for anniversary gifts for my long-time boyfriend. He’s an avid watch collector, but he usually likes purchasing his watches by himself because he’s very picky.

One day, I was randomly scrolling through MetroDeal coupons for a supposed vacation I was planning for us, when I saw this instead. My eyes went wide when I saw the massive price drop! I couldn’t resist getting him one, even though there was a risk that he might not like it. He LOVED it!

I got him a solid black design because you can’t go wrong with black. So, the story ends on a happy note, too! Hooray! I’m so grateful that I saw this deal and went for it!

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Safe Metal Cash Box


My grandma, who runs a small store in front of her house, told me that she recently lost some of her earnings. It’s still unclear who stole them and how it happened, but she did tell me that she’s quite careless about how she’s been keeping the money. For one, she doesn’t have a proper receptacle for it, and that’s she’s been too trusting of the people coming in and out of her house.

I took it upon myself to buy her a suitable container and bought this Safe Metal Cash Box from Metrodeal. Since this box comes with a lock, she can keep her earnings safe from those who might be attempting to take it for themselves. It also comes with compartments for both cash and coins, so she can appropriately organize the money for easy tallying.

For P1499, the cash box is quite pricey, but I guess it’s a price worth paying for security.

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