Shiny Nails in an Instant!

For girls like me, much of our time is spent on taking care of our looks. Lately, though, I have been super busy, so I can’t go to a salon each time I want to have my nails done. Weekends are especially a busy time for nail therapists, and I just don’t have the luxury to wait for someone to confirm my appointment.

Fortunately, I have a vanity kit chock-full of nail clippers, polish, and other stuff at home. I can keep my nails clean and well-polished with the same level of quality that nail salons provide, if not better. I often use the G-shiner I ordered from MetroDeal, which lets me keep the shine on my nails for weeks!

An authentic Japanese product, the G-shiner uses a tempered glass treatment to add glitter to my polished nails. I simply stroke the rough surface of the G-shiner directly on my nails, and just like magic, my nails look as pretty as can be!

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Portable Gas Stove for Delicious Food During Camping Trips

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Portable Gas Stove for Delicious Food During Camping Trips

I love going on camping trips. I don’t mind sleeping in tents, but when it comes to the food, I’m not a fan of eating them cold or barely cooked out of the can.

Starting a campfire is fine, but takes a bit longer to set up, as you’ll need to gather firewood and all that jazz. I figured the best way for me to enjoy camp cooking is to bring a portable stove with me. After a few clicks on my laptop, I finally landed on the MetroDeal site and found one.

A few things managed to convince me it was the one. First, since I’ll be lugging it around outdoors, it has to be durable. Second, it has to be safe to use and third, it should be fuel efficient.

At P699 for a value of P1990, I just needed to finally get one for my camping trips. Besides the price, other bonus features are its high heat output, which saves fuel, as well as its built-in windshield to protect the flame from relatively strong winds.

Now, I’m ready to go the distance with this trusty stove.

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Staying Safe on the Road with the Anytek G66 Dash Camera

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Staying Safe on the Road with the Anytek G66 Dash Camera

As a new car owner, I am doing everything to keep my car in perfect condition. At the same time, a well-maintained vehicle is a good investment, so I decided to buy the Anytek G66 1080p Dash Camera through MetroDeal.

I’ve seen many dash cam videos of cars in road accidents, most of the time due to the recklessness of other motorists. Watching these videos taught me that having proof in case of such accidents will further protect my investment—and help me avoid unwanted fees, to boot!

The Anytek Dashcam records in 1080p, assuring me of a clear video when played back. Its 3.5-inch touch display with 2 million pixel-resolution allows me to check what’s being recorded in full HD glory. The built-in lithium battery will let the cam record during the entire trip. And with a price tag of P4,099, this dashcam is as sound of an investment as the car itself.

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Chocolate Party For Kids and Adults?

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Chocolate Party For Kids and Adults?

We celebrated my 10-year old daughter’s birthday last weekend, and a few of her friends had a sleepover at the house. I wanted to serve dessert that kids would love, aside from the birthday cake.

I decided to serve healthier desserts, so I prepared apples, bananas, steamed cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots so that the kids can pair them with the chocolate fondue. Who wouldn’t want to eat veggies dipped in chocolate?!

The chocolate fountain was 18 inches tall, so some of the smaller kids had a hard time reaching the top of the fountain, but they dipped the fruits and veggies at the bottom instead.

I was worried it that would clog, but fortunately, it worked quite well as advertised. The chocolate didn’t clog, and the body was heat-resistant. I didn’t have to worry about the kids burning themselves.

I ordered this chocolate fountain two weeks before the party, and it arrived less than a week later. That’s pretty fast delivery.

It’s also the best one I found among online stores in terms of price and material. I let it run the whole afternoon, and it didn’t overheat or break down.

I think this is a durable product that I can use for a number of years!

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