Delectable delights at Citrus Restaurant

There is some stuff I like about Citrus Restaurant: it’s cozy atmosphere. Their scrumptious lineup. Added to that is the location that is accessible to every one. Everything is made fresh, delectable and mouthwatering to everyone who tried their food and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere that is so beautiful and intimate. Indeed a great place for couples who would like to have a pleasant dinner date plus some moments to remember.

I remember the first time that my boyfriend took me to Citrus it’s a restaurant indeed that has wonderful interiors. It can also be used for events due to size, and it’s also an incredible place for wine tasting intended for connosieurs. But actually, it was the food that made us come back, for everything is made fresh, delectable, mouthwatering and aesthetically scrumptious. I couldn’t ask for more.

Prices are fairly priced, that’s why it’s a shock for me to learned that Metrodeal made a promo about this amazing deal, that for only 299 pesos, everyone can avail on the 500 pesos worth of food and drinks at the Citrus Restaurant! Now that’s a great treat!

Exquisite dining indeed needs to not be expensive. I can’t wait for my next visit again, I must purchase my vouchers soon!: )

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Learning different languages at Academia language and Review Center

It is usually a dream to learn different different languages: Japanese, Mandarin, Fookien (my boyfriend’s parents’ native language, coz they’re from mainland China), and so much a lot more. I’ve been a fan of foreign television series and the reason for learning is to not count on the subtitles anymore.

Aside from many of these, I wanna have a cheerful talk with foreigners and have a conversation together. It is a great thing to learn from them, and to rely on stuff I watched is a great start to learn a word or 2 (or more), and I simply wanna get more info.

Taking foreign language lessons are really pricey. I’ve been looking at the prices for every session and it costs my days worth of salary, and I think it’s a lot.

Good thing Metrodeal now delivers 40 sessions of language courses at the Academia language for only 99 pesos! This can be an amazing deal that will probably be worth buying, for it originally prices at 10500 pesos! Now that’s a wonderful 90% off from the original price!

I’ve already purchased this phenomenal deal, and I’m looking ahead for my lessons soon!

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Underwater camera for summer experience

Summer is just months away and I’m excited! My boyfriend and I are intending to going to Balesin, Sagada, Batanes and Siquijor, and we still have months to save more for our planned leasure activities! I’d love to share each and every experience to everyone with pictures of our own crazy adventure this year.

The one thing that makes me sad though, is that my waterproof camera lost the battle on me few months ago after it was bumped into something, I thought that it is a minor bump but that bump is really a nasty one that made the camera crack, and it’s really challenging to think that my trusty camera of 4 years just lost the battle on me.

The good ones that I really like costs too much for me, and I am skeptical to get the imitations from China for I realize that it’ll be a huge waste of money if it’s broken. I’m very cautious on my expenses at the moment because of our planned trip.

That is why I am half-hearted to discover this underwater camera from Metrodeal as much as I want to buy the item, I am skeptical. Until I find someone that can do a review on the purchase, then this is where I’ll be deciding on buying one, until my buddy really bought one.

Heyna, a close friend of mine, told me that the underwater camera is indeed good, especially for underwater shots. Videos are just ok but decent in such a way, so it’s kinda passable. She already had her camera for couple of months already.

So I ordered my camera ahead and I’m now looking forward to the delivery. I really hope that the camera will be ok with me, will post my own evaluate soon!

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Dessert delights at the Cookie Dream

As a food blogger, I’m always in the look for the crazy food innovations that are now on they hype: CroNuts, Pizzandwich, and others. The fusion of delicious treats rolled into one is a dream come true especially those who are craving for both treats and molded them together to make it a great magic delight.

This new establishment, the Cookie Cream, offers ice cream sandwich that consists of ice cream and cookies, who would like to believe that these two sinfully delicious sweets can be quite a great mix? Let’s call it a relationship of sorts but for dessert afficionados, it’s definitely a fantastic treat.

The promo posted on MetroDeal the 50% off on ice cream sandwich at the Cookie Dream is a sweet treat for those sweet tooth, for it’s cheaper for everyone. For that I can’t wait to purchase this deal and have absolutely my sweetness overload extravaganza!

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Touring around Quezon during the Pahiyas festival

I love the sights and sounds on the Pahiyas Festival! The food, the particular houses, the festival and the history says that everything about Quezon is significant on their culture and heritage, and I can’t help but to admire them for their love for their province.

But I had to admit, going to provinces to get a glimpse of their festivals is indeed expensive because of the transportation allowance, place to stay and dining in, and needless to say on where to buy affordable but cute souvenirs.

To thing that Metrodeal comes with a offer posted just now: the day package during the Pahiyas Festival is an issue that really caught my eye coz it really is affordable! I can’t believe that, with it’s inclusions, I think it’s , now I can buy it in a jiff lols!

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