ZERO9 Korean Portable Bladeless Fan

My friends and I all take public transportation to school and our classroom isn’t air conditioned, so it can become really hot at times. We already had portable fans bought from sidewalk vendors before, but they break easily. Plus, when the blades get dirty, it’s impossible to clean!

We ordered the ZER09 Korean Portable Bladeless Fan sold on Metrodeal, so we would have cute, matching fans. Honestly, it was the bright colors that got us interested. It’s also rechargeable through USB, so we don’t need to buy batteries for our fans.

Ordering these fans was the best decision we ever made! After an exhausting P.E. class, we’d just sit on the field and cool ourselves down with the fans. It can also stand on its own, so we can place it on our desks during class. Best of all, it’s bladeless so it doesn’t get dirty. No blades, no dirt!

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Flyco FC5805 Professional Rechargeable Electric Razor

I have been shaving my own head for years, and I’ve gone through razors after razors. After all, when the blades go bad, what else can you do, right? This time, I wanted to save money by buying myself an electric razor, but not those battery-operated ones.

I dreaded going to the mall because of the traffic, so I decided to look at online deals. I ordered the Flyco Rechargeable Electric Razor on Metrodeal, and I think the item is good enough for its bargain price. It looks sleek with its ergonomic handle and has sharp blades.

In the end, the razor was everything it was advertised to be. I don’t have to worry about cutting myself or having a really awkward-looking bald patch on my head. Just charge it for a good eight hours and it’ll last you for days. I’ll never go back to those old-fashioned razors ever again!

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3-in-1 Travel Adapter Set of 2

Years of travelling has taught me one important thing: always carry a travel adapter with you. You never know what type of power socket is commonly used in other countries, especially if it’s your first time. For example, most European countries use a Type C power socket (learned this the hard way in Paris), also known as the international plug, while here in the Philippines, we use the Type A one.

Sadly, my mom and I left our old ones in our hotel room during our US trip a couple of months ago. So, instead of heading down to the mall and paying for an overpriced travel adapter, I opted to shop online.

Finding the 3-in-1 travel adapter on Metrodreal was such a steal! It came in a set of 2, so I gave the other one to my mom. This will forever be kept in my carry-on bag. I hope this review also serves as a helpful travel tip for other first-time overseas travelers!

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One Touch Automatic Can Opener

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One Touch Automatic Can Opener

For the past couple of days, I had seen a Metrodeal ad for a one-touch automatic can opener. I was never interested in items like this, but the more I saw the ad, the more I wanted to order it. To be honest, I was just curious whether it’s going to be a complete waste of money or it’s something I’d find useful.

The automatic can opener is battery-operated, compact, and can open cans of all sizes. I took all of these claims into account and was ready to test the product out.

I used it on a small can of condensed milk and a large can of fruit cocktail. My verdict? The automatic can opener is worth it. I can’t wait to show it to my mom and see if she’ll like one for herself.

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Set of 2 Walkie-Talkie Watches with Clock Magnifier Compass

I wanted to surprise my twins with a toy that would somehow lessen their addiction to computer games. At first, I thought buying them a soccer ball would be a great idea since they’ve shown interest in European football.

Then one day, they watched the first “Spy Kids” movie on cable. I was surprised to see how much they liked it even though the film was released over a decade ago. They kept bugging me to buy them spy gadgets. That’s when I saw a set of walkie-talkie watches on Metrodeal. I like that they come with various useful functions such as a magnifying lens, a focused night vision beam, a compass, a speculum, and safe-drop capsules.

I just wish these walkie-talkie watches came with a spare for parents. That way, I could join in the fun and keep tabs on them at the same time.

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