Get Your Daily Dose of Lemons at Citrus Zone

Due to my weak immune system, adding a freshly squeezed juice or lemon to my water is a must for me. This helps me prevent illnesses often, and is also great for my digestive system.

Recently, I discovered a Metrodeal discount on Citrus Zone. Its nearest stall to me is in Waltermart, Makati, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out. While it’s cheaper to make my own juice at home, this offer was very tempting so I just had to give it a shot!

A freshly squeezed lemonade from Citrus Zone is much better than buying bottled juices containing unhealthy ingredients. Also, the machine they use makes it faster to squeeze the lemons.

The juice from Citrus Zone has become my new favorite place, especially as I walk past the stand. It always smells so good!

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A Must Try Fusion of Filipino-Mexican Food

Exciting restaurants are popping up everywhere! I usually discover all these great places on Metrodeal.

I found it unusual, as it was my first time to see a Filipino-Mexican restaurant. I could never imagine what this combination would taste like. But, Gorda’s Fil-Mex Urban Cuisine did great with their ingredients. When I visited their restaurant, I was amazed by their menu. They had keso quesadillas which was made with triple local keso, homemade crema, and ensalada. Then there were chicken tacos with atchara, a tapa burrito, and much more. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by these combos?

I was overwhelmed when I saw the menu. There were a variety of dishes I had never heard of before and I didn’t know what to pick. My friend and I had no idea what to get, so we ordered one dish from each section and shared. It was worth the money! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a combination of cuisines.

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A Pit Full of Fun, For Adults Only

Ball Pit Manila

Once in a while, all adults deserve to have fun. Sometimes, we just want to experience how it feels to be a kid again. So when I found a Ball Pit Manila discount on Metrodeal, I decided to drag a friend along with me. The deal included a 1-hour pass to play around in 80,000 white plastic balls, and a choice of iced tea or coffee. It’s a great opportunity to get our mind off all our deadlines and demands in the office.

We had a joyful experience and couldn’t stop laughing. Whoever thought of this adult playground is a genius. Jumping and rolling around in plastic balls was a perfect activity as it was raining outside. You get to be carefree and laugh without having to stress your mind out. Just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean you have too, right?

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Serenity for a Day

Villa Escudero

My family and I had a lifetime experience of beautiful sceneries, outdoor activities and much more. We went to a day tour at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in Quezon Province. I was amazed by the spectacular view around me!

My family appreciated nature even more as the resort had so much to offer. Villa Escudero had plantations, waterfalls, museums, and nipa huts. All the pictures we saw on Metrodeal came to life. It was mesmerizing!

We had lunch by the waterfalls, enjoying a buffet of Filipino cuisines made with local ingredients. Our tummies were satisfied. Our lunch was what made the day tour worth it. Not only do we get to enjoy the food, but we got to appreciate the fresh breeze. It’s something you would never get to experience every day. The Metrodeal offer was a good grab.

I would love to go back here and just relax, as well as enjoy the scenery and good food.

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Experience the Traditional Filipino Hilot

Babaylan Spa

Getting a massage is the greatest way to release tension and destress yourself. You come out feeling relaxed and refreshed, which is what everyone is after. With stress form work and daily traffic, sometimes a break from it all is what you need.

So, the other day, I searched on Metrodeal to see if I could get a massage with a good offer. Thankfully, I found one in Quezon City near my place. I tried out the whole-body massage with bentosa, which was my first time. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep. It felt warm all over my body! In fact, I want to tell all of my friends about this, so that I can come back with them and try other services such as hot stone, dagdagay (foot massage), and more. They also serve Filipino coffee, and everyone knows me as a coffee addict. So, this was the cherry-on-top!

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