12-Piece Nicer Dicer Multi-Chopper Slicer

nicer-dicer-410-aI’m a fan of multipurpose kitchen tools, especially those that I see on home shopping channels on TV. I think it’s a smart invention for all culinary enthusiasts out there such as myself who can’t afford to buy all sorts of kitchen tools and has limited space for cooking as well.

So, you can imagine my awe when I discovered MetroDeal carries a 12-piece multi-chopper slicer on their website! I was intrigued, and so I immediately purchased one.

I have to say that it changed the way I cooked. I only have to reach for one thing versus 3-5 tools now because everything’s there: peeler, grater, slicer, etc. It helps me prepare my ingredients faster, and it does a decent job of cutting and slicing.

Whether you’re an expert, just starting, or clumsy in the kitchen, it’s easy to use, and there’s no way you could injure yourself with this. Truly a win-win!

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This Personal Security Alarm Device Gives Me Peace of Mind


I’m a call center agent in one of the BPO companies in the metro. Having worked as a night shifter for the longest time, I’m already used to traveling to work when most people are already asleep. Then again, I’ll never leave it to chance to go out in the dark without something to protect me from potential dangers.

One of the things that gives me peace of mind during these times is my personal security alarm device. I got this item from MetroDeal recently and feel a certain level of safety every time I leave the house at night. The way it works is that there’s a hanging pin attached to the device, which when pulled, sounds an alarm loud enough for bystanders to hear. It can be handy when there’s an emergency situation or, God forbid, when someone attacks me. I simply clip the security device to my bag, so it’s easy to access in case I ever need to use it. It’s especially intended for women, so it comes in a bright pink color with a stick figure of a lady stamped on the device for a more feminine touch.

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Bell & Howell Tac Tool


Finally, the one tool that has it all! In the house, it’s so difficult to maintain and keep track all of our tools because they can get easily misplaced. My wife and I are fans of DIY repairs, so we try to fix what we can before calling plumbers or electricians for help.

This has 18 tools in it and includes all the necessary ones like a bottle opener for your drinks, a hammer, pliers, screwdriver, even a knife! It reminds me of a cooler version of a swiss army knife but for household purposes. It’s nifty, saves space, and it’s cheap, considering I saw this in MetroDeal.

It’s a great bargain because I was able to assess the quality upon use — it’s real stainless steel. The handle is grippy and comfortable and the tools are sharp. This is a must-have in your toolbox even if you have the individual pieces of this because at least you know you’ll have an extra one. You can even bring this to your camping trips!

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Portable Noncontact Infrared Body Thermometer

I live with two teens (female cousins) and two toddlers (my eldest brother’s kids) so as you can imagine, flu season hits us hard at home. My mom prefers to stick with her good old mercury thermometer, but I personally think that a hospital grade thermometer is more practical and useful. I remember dropping our old thermometer and how difficult it was to clean up. Plus, the mercury thermometer isn’t safe to use anymore.

So, I went online to look for a non-contact thermometer as back-up for our current one. I came across a portable non-contact infrared body thermometer from MetroDeal. I’ve had it for four months now and it has served us well each time we had to use it.

We tested its accuracy using our old mercury thermometer and the result matches at all times. It checks the body temperature without getting in contact with the skin. This came in handy when my niece got a fever and refused to let anyone touch her. The device is absolutely easy to use and works with 2 AA batteries. It does the job well and I highly recommend it!

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Marc Jacobs Snapshot Glitter Camera Bag

Carrying my camera on trips can be a hassle, especially since I bring extra batteries and SD cards. The camera is compact in itself; however, I feel like it needs its own bag for protection.

A fellow film enthusiast knew I was looking for a camera bag and she was familiar with my style preference. So, she bought a Marc Jacobs Snapshot Glitter Camera Bag from MetroDeal as a gift for my birthday. The item arrived 4 days later. I was so excited that I unboxed it immediately!

It features dual zip-top closures and a divider for a seamless organization of my SD cards and batteries. It does its job at keeping my camera secure and free from scratches. It also has an interior slip pocket that I use for paper bills.
Now, I get to bring my camera with no worries and with ease. It’s so chic and stylish! I love how I can use it as an everyday purse as well.

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