Elegant Necklace for a Special Someone

For the last five years, I’ve always spoiled my girlfriend every anniversary with lavishing gifts. I know she loves them because every time she receives them, she always has a big smile on her face.

So, this year, I decided to give her a necklace to add to her jewelry collection, and I’m so happy that I came across this elegant Key Pendant Solid Saudi Gold Necklace on Metrodeal. I’ve always trusted this site not only because of their remarkable discounts, but also because of their fast delivery.

When the necklace arrived, I was so ecstatic! It was glistening and even looked better in person than in the pictures. This beautiful necklace has 18k gold and a pendant size of 23x10x2mm and 18 inches in length.

This piece is very different from my girlfriend’s usual jewelry because hers are not normally as detailed and perfectly cut. I just hope that she loves it as much as I do!

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Grilled Japanese Food You’ll Love

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Grilled Japanese Food You’ll Love

Last week, I was so happy that I got to satisfy my cravings for Japanese food. My husband and I are always looking for good quality grilled Japanese dishes, and we always pass by Chibo Okonomiyaki in Pasay but never got a chance to try it out.

Since I was so curious about it, I looked it up on the internet and read a number of positive reviews. I told my husband about it, and we decided to finally give it a try.

But before going to the resto, I tried to look for a discount voucher on Metrodeal in the hopes of cutting down our expenses. Luckily, I found one and availed it immediately!

So yesterday, we finally went to Chibo Okonomiyaki, and I fell in love their Cheese Yaki, which had okonomiyaki dough, teppan noodles, bean sprouts, Japanese jelly, and pork. Not to mention, oozing with gouda, cheddar, and mozzarella in every bite. There was so much flavor in this dish that made it so irresistible! I felt like I was in Japan with the great food!

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Stuff Your Face with This Korean Buffet

Last week, I discovered a Korean restaurant that I love called Matgalne. The reason I love this place is that there are so many choices, which makes eating even more exciting.

Their buffet has unlimited servings of Korean Pork, Beef BBQ, Kimchi, Bibimbap, Kimbap, Pajeon, and more. All your cravings will surely be satisfied if you come here, as you get to eat all your favorite Korean dishes non-stop.

I would recommend this restaurant to all those who love Korean food or want to try something different. You won’t be disappointed, especially with their friendly staff who attend right away to your needs.

But what made my experience more special is the amazing discount I got at Metrodeal. If you do intend to try this place out, check out Metrodeal for their awesome discounts. I always go to this site whenever I eat out and want to discover new different restaurants.

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Casa Quesadilla: For Your Next Mexican Craving

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Casa Quesadilla: For Your Next Mexican Craving

My girlfriend loves Mexican food so much, and although we’ve been to various Mexican restaurants in the metro, we always go back to Casa Quesadilla because there are a lot of choices for quesadillas such as the Mexican Carnitas Quesa, Spinach Y Pollo Quesa, Quattro Queso Quesa, Cheesy Mushroom Melt, Pollo Y Quezo Quesa, and BBQ Carnitas Quesa. You can also choose to have it in half or whole.

So for our anniversary, I decided to treat my girlfriend here since I thought this would be a great surprise for her. Thankfully, a Metrodeal voucher for Casa Quesadilla popped up on Facebook, so I availed it immediately.

We were, once again, pleased with the food. The quesadilla was full of exciting flavors, and we even got to try out their pizzadillas. There were seven choices of interesting combinations such as spinach and garlic, tinapa pesto, and more. We had the tinapa pesto pizzadilla and enjoyed this unique pair.

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Enjoy Filling Sub-Sandwiches at Quiznos

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Enjoy Filling Sub-Sandwiches at Quiznos

I’m a huge fan of sandwiches, and I love bread in general, more than I love rice. Thankfully, I found a place that satisfies my craving for sandwiches.

Quiznos sells sub-sandwiches with flavors like Chicken Carbonara, Chicken Bacon Mushroom Melt, Chicken Taco Sub, Spinach Architoke, Tuna Pesto, Roast Beef Bacon Mushroom Melt, and much more.

You can even pick the type of bread you want, which is then toasted so that it’s served warm and crispy! Each sandwich is packed with juicy meat and fresh vegetables, making every bite worth it!

But what made it more special was when I came across an awesome discount on Metrodeal. It meant that I could enjoy a sandwich and save as much as 28%.

I tried a sub that I never tasted before, which was the Chicken Carbonara, and its mouthwatering flavors left me wanting more because of the juicy chicken and creamy sauce. It was a perfect combination!

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