V380 Wireless Security IP Camera with Antenna


I’m a working single mother to a three-year-old daughter and a fur baby. As much as I want to look after my child 24/7, it’s not possible because of work. So, I hired a helper to give me a hand at home and babysit my child.

As much as I trust my kind helper, I’ve been hearing a lot of child abuse cases on the news and so I thought I’d install a security camera at home for assurance. It doesn’t hurt to be extra careful, right?

I checked MetroDeal since they usually have great deals. Fortunately, I found one and bought this V380 wireless security camera for a great price. The device is user-friendly and easy to set up. It has excellent features such as night vision, motion detection, and email alarm function.

My favorite one is the two-way intercom feature since it lets me communicate with my daughter through the app even when I’m not at home. It’s absolutely one of my best purchases so far!

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ET Pop E-601 20000 mAh Power Bank with LED Flashlight

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ET Pop E-601 20000 mAh Power Bank with LED Flashlight


My friends and I went on a weekend camping adventure in Cagbalete Island, Quezon a few weeks ago. A couple of days before the trip, I was sorting out my travel essentials and found out my power bank was no longer working. Since I’ll be spending a weekend with no power and limited resources, I went online to find a new and affordable one to keep my devices juiced up during the trip.

I bought my wall charger on Metrodeal, so I went to the website to buy a power bank since they almost always have great deals. Luckily, I found one that was within my budget and of good quality as well. The ET Pop E-601 20000 mAh power bank works well with my Android phone and iPad.

When the trip was nearly over, I discovered the power bank still had enough battery left to charge up my phone for the ride home. It’s certainly a good purchase, one I’d recommend to friends if they ever ask me for affordable alternatives to their costly power banks.

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Magic Reversible Mermaid Sequin Throw Pillow

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Magic Reversible Mermaid Sequin Throw Pillow


I’m always looking for new ways to spruce my home. I love reinventing my living and dining areas to reflect my current mood, and one of the most cost-effective ways to do that is through unique decor and colorful throw pillows!

These reversible covers became popular on social media a year or so ago, and when I saw them, I just knew that I needed one (or two, or five) for myself.

The interior designer in me got so happy when I saw the pillow cases marked off more than 50% off on MetroDeal! When I saw how low the prices got, I bought as much as I could.

It’s such a steal considering one pillow cover has two colors. I frequently draw designs to showcase the two-tone effect. Guests in my home found them amusing as well.

I can’t get over this purchase—it’s was worth every penny. Highly recommended!

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No More Uncomfortable Naps During Long Hours of Travel with This Wraparound Pillow


I love traveling and I do it every chance I get. Throughout all my travels, there is one important lesson I’ve learned that you might also find useful: a neck pillow is your best friend. This is especially true when spending seemingly endless hours on the road or aboard a plane when flying coach.

I realized this was a need when a friend recommended bringing one with me on my travels. But seeing those bulky u-shaped neck pillows not only take up luggage space, but also make me look like someone with a neck ailment. Good thing lucky ol’ me was online shopping and stumbled into this cool wraparound neck pillow that doesn’t even look like one.

This soft neck support travel pillow doesn’t scream ‘sleepy old man with a neck brace,’ but instead, looks like a scarf. Not only does it give my neck full support during those long hours of travel, but it also looks fashionable. Best of all, it’s easy to fold and pack in my bag.

If you want one, head over to the MetroDeal site and get one at 79% off!

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Waterproof Faux Wood Bathroom Rack

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Waterproof Faux Wood Bathroom Rack


When I was still single, my mother would often tell me and my older sister to keep our bathroom spick and span. In case a visitor had to use our bathroom, we won’t be worried about it looking dirty or be ashamed to let our visitor use the john.

I guess I took our mother’s teaching to heart, so now that I have my own bedroom and bathroom, I like to keep my stash of toiletries and other personal amenities neatly organized. I have a waterproof faux wood bathroom rack containing different kinds of fragrances, creams, soaps, oils, cosmetics, and so much more. They fit perfectly well on the three compartments and two drawers of the rack.

This bathroom organizer from MetroDeal caught my fancy because it has those cute paw carvings on each of the pair of drawers located at the foot of the rack. It’s also durable and easy to clean, so I’m pretty sure I’m not getting a new bathroom rack anytime soon.

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