A More Reliable Charging Cable

I bought my new Android phone just last year, but I believe I have used and abused at least three USB cables for charging or data transfer by this time.

I guess it only makes sense for cables to get damaged due to constant use, but it’s preposterous how some cheap wires can be completely broken in a matter of months!

Thankfully, MetroDeal had a sale on this 3-in-1 Apple & Android USB Cable Charger. When I saw the 50% discount, I just knew I had to buy it.

I even became more convinced when it said that the material and design prevent it from being easily destroyed due to winding and pulling. Admittedly, I don’t really notice if I’m irresponsible with my handling of USB cables, so this is just perfect for me!

This 3-in-1 USB Cable Charger also allows fast charging, which can come in handy on my hectic days. Since it’s made for both Android and Apple devices, I can let my family and friends who use iPhone to borrow it.

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Pops A Dent Car Dent Remover

I’m a new driver, and last week, I hit a plastic cone. My bumper had a small dent and a minor scratch. I didn’t want my Dad to see it because I was really enjoying driving myself around. I was hiding the bumper dent from him for days.

I bought the Pops A Dent after finding it on sale on Metrodeal. I thought that it’s okay if it doesn’t work because it’s such a cheap product, anyway.

After following the instructions included in the package, I was surprised that it worked! The dent was gone, and what remained was the minor paint scratch.

I ended up telling my Dad all about the incident because I was excitedly bragging about the product I found. Luckily, he didn’t get mad.

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The Perfect Cookware Set for the Newlyweds Who Love to Cook

One of my closest friends was about to tie the knot. So when I was browsing through online shopping sites to find something to give the soon-to-be newlywed as a wedding present, I came across this awesome deal for a nice cookware set. I thought it was the perfect gift for both the bride and groom since they both love to cook.

The 5-piece stainless steel cookware set comes with glass lids to let them see what’s going on in the pans so that they don’t have to lift them every now and then just to monitor the whole cooking process.

The lids also have a steam vent to control the pressure and avoid food to boil over. Since the set works well on any cooktop, it was perfect for their induction range in their new home’s kitchen.

The best part is that I got the set valued at P2,500 for only P999 on MetroDeal. It got a well-deserved bookmark, so I know where to look the next time I need to shop for gifts.

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