Filipino Food for Family Bonding Time

If there’s one thing I always look forward to on the weekend, that is spending time with my family. I love weekends because it’s a time to relax, unwind, and share stories with my loved ones about what happened in the past week.

We always watch a movie and have dinner on Sundays. Last weekend, I found an amazing discount on Metrodeal, which I just had to avail. It was 50% off voucher from my favorite restaurant, Barrio Fiesta.

My wife and I have always loved Barrio Fiesta as they make the best Filipino dishes. This restaurant is the perfect place to take my kids. Although they are picky eaters, they love the food at Barrio Fiesta.

My girls loved the rock & roll, which is shrimp and pork wrapped in a crispy batter, while my wife and I had the pancit canton. Nothing was lacking in the pancit canton, as it was very filling.

Our tummies were full and we were satisfied because we got to eat veggies, meat, and seafood all in one sitting. It was overflowing! They had big servings per order and was worth our money.

I will always come back to Barrio Fiesta and use Metrodeal for more discounts. There are tons of deals for different choices of restaurants, and I would love to try out other restaurants in the future.

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Fun Castle Tent for Your Kids

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Fun Castle Tent for Your Kids

My two sons love making bed sheet tents and calling it “their” castle. They do this all the time such that I have to wash their bed sheets constantly.

So, I was thinking of buying them a tent where they could play in without using their bed sheets, as well as remove the hassle on my part.

I turned to Metrodeal, my favorite e-commerce site, and came across a Blue Kiddie Castle Tent that is sturdy, lightweight, and portable. This was perfect for my kids, as now they have an actual tent that won’t easily fall on them when they are playing. It’s also big enough to have at least three pillows inside.

The tent is decorated with stars and a half-moon and is shaped like a castle unlike their bed sheet one. My sons love it and sleep there every night.

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Shorts Perfect for Everyday Wear

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Shorts Perfect for Everyday Wear


Every night, when I get home, I immediately take off my work clothes and change into something comfy. I wear a long-sleeved polo and a mini skirt all day long, so I really like wearing soft, comfortable clothes when I’m at home.

So, I was happy when I came across these Kara P2024-1 Franziska Lac Boyleg on Metrodeal. They had a great discount, which is was what I love about this e-commerce site.

These shorts were delivered to me in just three days, just like it said on the voucher. I wore them right away! They were soft and stretchable since they’re made of 5% spandex. I also loved how they had different colors to choose from. It’s always great having a variety of choices. I’m planning to purchase a couple more on the next payday.

I will continue to purchase from Metrodeal whenever I want discounts on products or services. They deliver on time and have good quality items.

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Ditch the Treadmill, Try Out Boxing

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Ditch the Treadmill, Try Out Boxing

Muay Thai Session

I used to jog three times a week for four months. But I was starting to get tired of doing the same thing repeatedly. I felt like I was slowly losing motivation, as jogging didn’t feel fulfilling anymore. There were times where I had to drag myself to jog.

So, I decided to try something different. I searched Metrodeal for a discount for activities that would help keep me fit. Luckily, there was a voucher for one session of boxing or Muay Thai at Hybrid Manila in Pasig.

I chose boxing as I’ve heard there are multiple benefits. It can strengthen your core, tone your muscles, burn calories faster, and more. I also know a lot of people who box and love it.

After the one session, I realized that it was worth the purchase. I wanted to go back again! The trainers were friendly and helpful. They knew how to motivate and push you to keep going.

The facility was fully equipped and in good condition as well. You could tell this, as everything was intact. Unlike other gyms where the equipment has material peeling off or looked like it was about to break when you use it.

I would recommend looking for vouchers on Metrodeal the next time you want to try a different activity.

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Treat Yourself to a 1-Hour Massage

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Treat Yourself to a 1-Hour Massage

Last week, after sitting down and working for hours, my back started hurting. The pain started from the middle of my back and spread to my shoulders. It was incredibly uncomfortable. I had to use ointment to relieve the discomfort, but it made no difference. I experienced the same pain the next day.

So, I browsed through Metrodeal, which is my favorite online site for discounts. There was a great deal for a 60-minute, full body massage at Gold’s Gym Glorietta, Marikina, and Quezon City. I availed the voucher right away and made a reservation at the Glorietta branch one day before my preferred schedule.

The therapist did the job perfectly, as she put the right amount of pressure on the painful parts of my back. She also massaged my whole body, which made me feel relaxed. To top it off, I appreciated the calm music and the soothing scents of the essential oils.

Getting a massage is really the best stress and tension reliever, and I can say that I deserve this treat after all those deadlines and constant demands at work.

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All-In-One Dog and Cat Café

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