Experience enchanting Cebu at Europa Mansionette Inn

I’m always looking forward to visit to Cebu. Great food, great locations, friendly people and rich history that dates back to the pre-colonial times. In contrast to Manila, cebu is one of the finest places to settle in for it feels much safer, and the one thing that makes me worried would be the language barrier, for I don’t know how to speak Cebuano.

But I’ve always been longing for that much-needed holiday in Cebu! And good thing Metrodeal has this excellent promo at the Europa Mansionette Inn, a spanish-style inn that is situated in the middle of the Cebu metropolis. Its old world charm makes me love this place, and I so want to stay for few days here to explore what Cebu city has to offer for me.

And another good thing is actually that Metrodeal has this deal posted on their site an overnight stay for the Europa Mansionette at 50%off is really a good deal! Now that’s really something for me personally. Now I need to obtain those vouchers and book my flight to Cebu for just a relaxing stay for 4 days here.

It’s amazing how Metrodeal has this promo that is certainly suited for my tight spending budget. Now I can afford these kind of deals without hurting my budget and I will even access the vouchers and print them everytime using their mobile app. Now that’s being creative!: )

now I got my confirmation on the vouchers that I purchased, glad i made my choice! Can’t wait to search now to cebu and to talk about my experience, so till the very next time!: )

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Aloha from BibimHaru Korean Restaurant


korean food makes me satisfied. I love the taste of bibimbap and japchae, and this soothing relief of ramyun. I’d this penchant for anything korean because it’s healthy, flavorful and cost-effective than most foreign cuisines which I’ve tried.

I met up with a friend of mine (who was working near SM Mall of Asia) on one occasion and we went to BibimHaru Korean Restaurant. We tried their dishes and I’m delighted on their wonderful dishes and we would love to come back! But we see to it that we schedule it, or else it’ll break our wallets and cry in grief.

Good thing that Metrodeal has this unique promo! I can now obtain their 300 pesos worth of food and drinks for only 180 pesos! It’s a great deal indeed, and shopping for amazing discounts is easy with Metrodeal! So without hesitations, I bought their deal right away and reserve in advance for me and my friend’s dinner date! And we went there days after.

Glad that we made the best choice! Their food is simply delicious and I can’t help but to admire the presentation at the same time. The staff are the most welcoming and they’re courteous on our needs. Every little thing is amazing indeed.

I love this deal the most! Hoping for more purchases via Metrodeal soon!: )

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