My newbie fencing experience

I’ve been fascinated at the world of sports ever since. I see to it that I’ll watch the Olympics or any sports in general at the sports channel just to watch them do their amazing stunts. I like to watch basketball and billiards in general, and I also like to watch the gymnastics for they look so graceful and flexible.

Another sport that captured my attention is fencing. Why so? It’s a classic swords fight, but not that gruesome and it really looks like perfection. I love the fact that it looks crisp, but in a swift manner.


Watching them do the fencing moves makes me want to learn the sport. I have never fenced in my entire life, but I decided to learn everything about fencing, just for the love of the sport. Good thing that Metrodeal has this basic fencing class for only 149 per session!

After purchasing these vouchers on the said deal, I think it’s all worth buying for, and here’s why:

  • It’s cheaper than on other deals – I’ve seen so many deals posted in the site, and this is the cheapest that I’ve seen.
  • Convenient – Since I’m based in makati, the one located in Perea is the most convenient for me.
  • Perfect for noobs in the said sport – After checking the profile online, they said that they can teach the everything for newbies, great thing for noobs like I am lol! :))
  • Fencing gear is provided on the area – after checking the things needed for fencing, I found out that the foil itself is expensive! I simply can’t afford to have one. And the protective clothing needed are more costly. Good thing that they provided these things, and they see to it that protective gear sanitised for the next user.
  • There are separate classes for kids and the kids at heart – there are basic fencing classes for kids and grown-ups, and I can interact with them too!
  • Teachers are accommodating and qualified – One of my fencing teachers has competed in different fencing bouts here and outside the country, and despite his strong features, he’s really nice too! Talk about looks and talent, and I think he’s kinda yummy hahaha! 😀

And so I went to my first fencing session in Makati few days ago and they taught me the basics of fencing, and as I arrived I need to be dressed up in my protective gear. They taught me the basics, and boy it was really hard! Fencing takes a lot of discipline, and the moves need to be fast. One slight move or point can cause damage or points to the opponent, that’s why professional fencers needs to be swift and precise in order to win.

Good thing I bought more on this amazing promo from MetroDeal. Looking forward to my next fencing session!

Can’t get over on Q-Mochi’s delectable desserts at a fairly-priced, from MetroDeal!

I’ve been a connosieur for sweets and all kinds of desserts for as long as I remember. Desserts, like toys makes me a one happy girlie. It makes me elevate to places, and takes me to the heavenly abode. It’s effect has flown me to exotic places I’ve never dreamed of.

Crazy as it sounds, but my sweetness addiction has never stop. It’s been in my daily habit and I think it will never vanish. I love how it struck on me, but I’m ok with that.

Right now, I’m craving for unusual sweets for it has a unique taste that I never found on other kinds of desserts. I’ve tried mochis, japanese cakes and pretzels in general. And right now, this mochi cake from a local supermarket in Taguig sure looks promising to eat. It was from Q-mochi, a well-known mochi brand in Indonesia. I was a surprise for me that there is a mochi brand that came from Indonesia and not on Japan. I think it’s worth the try, knowing that it came from a place unknown for me.

A friend of mine told me about this discount promo from Metrodeal – Q-Mochi’s mochi cake or choco pie promo from Metrodeal sure looks promising! I saw these astounding mochi cakes from the grocery and it costs around 300 pesos, while in Metrodeal it only costs around 140 pesos, and I think it’s a sweet deal!

And so without second thoughts, I purchase the deal and went straight to Market Market to got the promo using my identification cards and my printed voucher that is needed to claim the sweet treat. And boy I tell you, it was heaven on earth to have that mochi cake, I can hear the angels sing Handel’s Aleluia chorus after having my first bite! And even the mochi choco pie has the balance of sweetness that I’ve been craving for. It was all worth it!

Luckily, that I bought 10 vouchers for this incredible Metrodeal promo, so that I could share this delightful treat to my friends and family. For sure they’ll be surprised on this amazing promo, and on this delectable Indonesian treat.

I have to give my thumbs up on this astounding find, and on the price as well. It was worth the money and it soothes my sweet tooth. Many thanks to Metrodeal’s grandiose discounts for this wonderful treat! 🙂

Metrodeal’s feast on a budget at Comida Ilocandia with my friends

I’ve been a fan of Ilocano food ever since I can remember, maybe because my dad’s from the northern side of the Philippines and he usually cooks us Tinuno and Igado, two of the dishes that are native to ilocanos. It’s always a fiesta everytime my dad wants to create these wonderful Ilocano dishes, and he sees to it that he will invite his friends along.

There are some times that I’m also craving for other Ilocano dishes – the Ilocos empanada is a delicious meal that is perfect for merienda, and the Bagnet is so sinfully good treat. I can’t seem to control my craving for food that is why everytime my friends and I hang out, I always tell them that we need need to hang out in a restaurant where they have delicious Ilocano cuisine… and they did!

I went to my friend’s house few days ago in Quezon City and I saw a glimpse of this restaurant as I went home. I found out that it was Comida Ilocandia, a quaint little restaurant that serves slow-cooked-but-perfectly-cooked Ilocano dishes for everyone to enjoy. It’s a treat indeed for some of the northerners and curious people who wants to have a taste of authentic Ilocano dishes that will surely be loved by many of us.

Comida Ilocandia promo from MetroDeal

Comida Ilocandia promo from MetroDeal

I told this enchanting find at at my friend and she told me about the promo that she saw at Metrodeal – it was a 50% discount on food and drinks at Comida Ilocandia for only 250! It was a sumptuous treat that I don’t wanna miss! After checking the site and read the inclusions of the deal I’ve no hesitations to buy the promo. Me and my friends scheduled on going to the Comida ilocandia to grab a bite on their delectable dishes!

We set the date on saturday so that we could go back to Comida Ilocandia with the Metrodeal voucher in our hands, and we are shocked that the restaurant is jam-packed at that time! When we got to have our seats at that time we ordered the house special – the boxed meal that consist of Adobo, Bagnet, Longanisa and Tinuno. It was all sinfully delicious and “healthy” for all of us. I can’t help but to have another serving while having a sip of Comida Ilocandia’s house special – The Basi and the Champola!

It was a night to remember because of the company of friends and the food! And best of all, the Ilocandia feast is all worth it thanks to MetroDeal!