Double Electric Cooking Stove

I live in a big house with a big family, and the eating never stops. So, we have a fully functional kitchen, but sometimes it’s just too full of pots and pans that store our other meals for the day. It used to annoy me how there was literally no space to cook other things anymore that we’d sometimes resort to buying takeout. What a waste of money, right?

Good thing I was browsing the net for some mini electric stoves we can add to the household and I saw this winner! I needed something priced reasonably, works well, and basically an emergency stove for when we have too many things going on in the house. This solved my problem! My sisters now love me because of this. Anyway, it’s really high quality, and I’d recommend for anyone in the same spot as us to get it. Works like a charm and got it for cheap here on Metrodeal.

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Weite Leather Quartz Watch

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Weite Leather Quartz Watch

I can’t even begin to tell you how perfect this watch is for my boyfriend. He’s a watch aficionado, and he enjoys collecting timepieces, but he’s never owned something like this. Just like with any gift, I was a little bit nervous to give it to him, but his reaction when he saw it was priceless.

His eyes lit up, and he wore it right away. He was impressed at how I knew it would match his outfit. Truthfully, I didn’t, but I played along with it anyway! It seems like this watch can actually go pretty well with any outfit. I just got this on a whim because as soon as I saw it, I knew that it was SO HIM. It looks high-end and durable, and only for a fraction of the price. Total win-win here. I actually want to get something similar, so we can match! Thanks for the bargain, Metrodeal!

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Luma Color Changing Flameless Candles with Remote Control

I just redecorated my bedroom and on the lookout for knick-knacks I can decorate my space with. I first thought about scented candles, but I get paranoid when there’s open flame. Having a toddler around the house and a mischievous cat, I’m afraid they might reach it and knock it down the ground.

I was just browsing online when I saw this Luma Color Changing Flameless Candles with Remote Control on Metrodeal! I thought, okay, that’s pretty cool. I read the highlights and I was sold.

It’s safe to place on my bedside table or near the curtains since it has no dangerous flames or wax mess. I also don’t have to worry if ever my 3-year old reaches it. He even lights up when he sees it dancing in different colors!

My favorite feature is the timer setting. I set it to switch off after 4 hours automatically. Overall, it’s one of my favourite home décors bought online.

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ZERO9 Korean Portable Bladeless Fan

My friends and I all take public transportation to school and our classroom isn’t air conditioned, so it can become really hot at times. We already had portable fans bought from sidewalk vendors before, but they break easily. Plus, when the blades get dirty, it’s impossible to clean!

We ordered the ZER09 Korean Portable Bladeless Fan sold on Metrodeal, so we would have cute, matching fans. Honestly, it was the bright colors that got us interested. It’s also rechargeable through USB, so we don’t need to buy batteries for our fans.

Ordering these fans was the best decision we ever made! After an exhausting P.E. class, we’d just sit on the field and cool ourselves down with the fans. It can also stand on its own, so we can place it on our desks during class. Best of all, it’s bladeless so it doesn’t get dirty. No blades, no dirt!

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Flyco FC5805 Professional Rechargeable Electric Razor

I have been shaving my own head for years, and I’ve gone through razors after razors. After all, when the blades go bad, what else can you do, right? This time, I wanted to save money by buying myself an electric razor, but not those battery-operated ones.

I dreaded going to the mall because of the traffic, so I decided to look at online deals. I ordered the Flyco Rechargeable Electric Razor on Metrodeal, and I think the item is good enough for its bargain price. It looks sleek with its ergonomic handle and has sharp blades.

In the end, the razor was everything it was advertised to be. I don’t have to worry about cutting myself or having a really awkward-looking bald patch on my head. Just charge it for a good eight hours and it’ll last you for days. I’ll never go back to those old-fashioned razors ever again!

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