Hoverboard: A Fun Way to Increase Mobility

Electric Hoverboard

October 21, 2015 marked Marty McFly’s arrival to the future in the 1980’s hit sci-fi movie, Back to the
Future and netizens went gaga as fans commemorated the trilogy. Videos prolifirated the web & social
media on the different versions of which of the movie’s predictions turned into reality. One of such
predictions in the movie is the hoverboard. We may not have reached the time where skateboards are
literally hovering on air but we’ve come pretty close with the current trend on electric boards that
allows you to move around balancing yourself on 2 wheels. It’s quite pricey when it was first
introduced to the market so I got quite excited when I saw that Metrodeal has a promo for just that!
From P19,000 to only P9,999 you can own one of these cool Hoverboards! With a 47% discount, you
can’t possibly make any Metrodeal complaint!

When it comes to trendy products like this, it’s best to grab it when you come across a good one before
time or stock runs out. So, I purchased one for my nephew as my Christmas gift. I just know he’ll love

For more information about Metrodeal, visit this link: http://www.metrodeal.org/