Kiyome Kinoki Cleansing Detox Foot Pads


I work as a barista in a coffee shop, which is located more than one kilometer away from our house. I walk to and from work and spend most of my day on my feet. As you can imagine, my feet are always dead-tired or extremely painful by the end of the day.

When I get home, all I want is to sit down and relax for the rest of the night. But sometimes, it’s not enough, as if my feet find it hard to recover overnight. My friend suggested I try foot pads to relax my feet muscles. So, I researched online and found one on MetroDeal.

The foot pads I got have cleansing and detox properties. It contains natural ingredients, which triggers acupuncture points to deal with painful and tense muscles. I just stick the pads to the soles of my feet when I’m about to sleep. And I just want to say, the foot pads feel so good! I can’t stop recommending it to my fellow baristas and friends!

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Bell & Howell Tac Tool


Finally, the one tool that has it all! In the house, it’s so difficult to maintain and keep track all of our tools because they can get easily misplaced. My wife and I are fans of DIY repairs, so we try to fix what we can before calling plumbers or electricians for help.

This has 18 tools in it and includes all the necessary ones like a bottle opener for your drinks, a hammer, pliers, screwdriver, even a knife! It reminds me of a cooler version of a swiss army knife but for household purposes. It’s nifty, saves space, and it’s cheap, considering I saw this in MetroDeal.

It’s a great bargain because I was able to assess the quality upon use — it’s real stainless steel. The handle is grippy and comfortable and the tools are sharp. This is a must-have in your toolbox even if you have the individual pieces of this because at least you know you’ll have an extra one. You can even bring this to your camping trips!

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Professional Hair Curler Iron

I watch Youtube tutorials almost every single day. I see girls creating different hairstyles using various professional hair curler irons. Since I have a very straight hair, I needed a good curling iron that can make my waves last for an entire day.

When I saw an ad for the very same hair curler iron many influencers use in their video tutorials, I knew it was the one I had to order.

The curling iron comes with three heating settings, perfect for those with weak strands like mine. This allows me to choose the best heating period for the style I want to create. For example, mermaid waves require shorter styling time than big curls.

Lastly, it also comes with a 3-direction curl, where I experiment on various kinds of curls. Whether I’m in the mood for mermaid waves or Carrie Bradshaw curls, it’s easy to try different hairstyles with my new professional hair curler iron. Thank you, Metrodeal!

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Eat- & Drink-All-You-Can Lunch Buffet at Tong Yang in Greenhills

I never eat at buffet restaurants that exceed the 500-peso limit I’ve set for myself. Since we were going to celebrate my daughter’s graduation, I searched for a place that offers a wide variety of dishes but isn’t priced too high.

Luckily, I was able to spot an offer at Metrodeal that gives a 20% discount on weekday and weekend rates. Instead of paying 545 pesos, I only had to pay 436 pesos each for myself, my husband and three children.

I have to say, Tong Yang satisfied our palates! Not only did we get to cook our own hot pot dish with ingredients we liked, but we also had a wide array of meat, seafood, and desserts to choose from! There were even household favorites such as tocino and sausages included.

Seeing how happy it made my family was the highlight of this whole experience. I hope we get more bonding moments like this in the future.

Thanks, Metrodeal! I’ll be sure to recommend this to co-workers as well.

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Stylish Korean Mini Bag

My daughter has a collection of bags such that I don’t know where to store them anymore. Then again, I gave her another one for her birthday, as I came across a bag similar to what she was asking for which is the Korean mini bag.

I found a discount voucher for the bag on Metrodeal and decided to purchase it. There was a choice of black or white, and both designs were incredibly pretty! I didn’t know which one to pick, so I ended up buying both, one for me and the other for my daughter, then I let her pick the color she wanted.

The bag has multiple compartments, is durable, waterproof, and weighs only 0.3kg. The bag has studs on the sides as well, which adds edge to it. The mini backpack was worth the purchase. It could match with any outfit and could be used for work or school.

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