Hoverboard: A Fun Way to Increase Mobility

Electric Hoverboard

October 21, 2015 marked Marty McFly’s arrival to the future in the 1980’s hit sci-fi movie, Back to the
Future and netizens went gaga as fans commemorated the trilogy. Videos prolifirated the web & social
media on the different versions of which of the movie’s predictions turned into reality. One of such
predictions in the movie is the hoverboard. We may not have reached the time where skateboards are
literally hovering on air but we’ve come pretty close with the current trend on electric boards that
allows you to move around balancing yourself on 2 wheels. It’s quite pricey when it was first
introduced to the market so I got quite excited when I saw that Metrodeal has a promo for just that!
From P19,000 to only P9,999 you can own one of these cool Hoverboards! With a 47% discount, you
can’t possibly make any Metrodeal complaint!

When it comes to trendy products like this, it’s best to grab it when you come across a good one before
time or stock runs out. So, I purchased one for my nephew as my Christmas gift. I just know he’ll love

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Greet 2016 with a Cool Personalized Calendar from Photobook Philippines

Photobook Philippines

Last quarter of the year, a little less than 2 months and we’re going to bid 2015 goodbye. Well, before I
get all caught up in the Christmas shopping rush, I saw this great offer at Metrodeal for a customized desk
calendar at up to 77% discount and I just couldn’t resist.

Before making the purchase, I decided to look for Metrodeal reviews and I found a few bloggers who
recommend Photobook Philippines’ products. Convinced it’s a fun thing to do & the discounts are quite
tempting, I bought the basic 6” x 6” desk calendar (cheapest of the lot) for PhP249 (regular price PhP850) and
an 11” x 5” desk calendar for only PhP299 (regular price Php950)

I was intimidated by the idea of having to use their software and following links for the instructions but I
realized it’s not so hard. Lesson learned, however, is that before you start the whole thing, you have to
prepare all the photos in one place—a special folder or in a USB flash drive.

Since I was quite excited about the whole thing, I redeemed the first calendar by finishing the Project. I
only need to wait for 7 days for my calendar to be delivered and I’m only on my 2nd day but the wait can be
pretty tough since I so want to see the finished product already. As for my 2nd calendar, I’m still finalizing
which photos to include so finishing the next calendar layout will only be a breeze.

If you want to try out this fun personalized calendar, just visit Metrodeal Website, for more information, visit this link: http://blog.rainingpesos.com.ph/online-shopping-and-how-to-detect-a-scam-metrodeal-zalora-ewine-reviews-and-more/

Unforgettble Overload with Wendy’s Baconator

Wendy's Baconator

This present Wendy’s Baconator promo will be back at Metrodeal! I was super eager when my inbox proclaimed
what is this incredible today that this particular wonderful promo is back for what they call Final Extension
for the time being (the photo says “Finishing Soon”). I was so baffled once the arrangement finished and I
wasn’t equipped for purchase the last minute in light of the fact that I was trusting the offer will last until
the last of its legitimacy interim. It was my undesirable, I know, I shouldn’t have held up such quite a while!

So when I watched the brilliant news, I didn’t even consider every option and acquired right out! I cherish
Wendy’s Baconator and in addition the 36% reserve funds implies a considerable measure when you have awesome
arrangements on going overboard with companions. Normally, I called my companions to share the news so you can
make arrangements together. Why should capable oppose burning through PhP199 for the Baconator Meal (the offer
you incorporates Iced tea furthermore Fries) which costs PhP313?

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Gratify Your Cravings at Latitude Hotel Jen

Hotel Jen Manila

Testing out different restaurants and cafes will have to be one of the things which my fiance and I love
to do. For our own 3rd anniversary, he suggested testing out the Themed Buffet from Hotel Jen (former Professionals
Hotel Manila). His officemates informed him they tried it before and recommended the item. They also pointed
him to a deal being offered from Metrodeal where you’d get 30% discount. I guess you can’t get any better
reviews than that, right? He chose the Themed Dinner Buffet offered by P760 (valued at P1088) for each

Since our anniversary fell over a Thursday, the theme for that dinner buffet was Pinoy Fiesta. I like other
cuisines but classic Philippine dishes would still be over my foodie list. It really is my ultimate comfort foods.
The Kare Kare was pretty good along with our super favorite, crispy pata. What I adore about buffet
settings like these is which it reminds me of those town fiestas back in my mom’s hometown. Foods laid
out and you simply choose the dishes you desire.

It was a absolutely satisfying meal and we all really enjoyed it. Totally more than worth it! More so since my fiance got it
on discount. We actually decided to try the other styled dinners some time–they have Asian on
Mondays, Mexican-Spanish on Tuesdays, Jen’s Specialties (makes you wonder, right? ) on Wednesdays
and Sundays, Pinoy Fiesta Thursdays, Seafoods Grill on Fridays, as well as Barbecue Party on Saturdays.

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Unforgettable Moments at Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar

Gerry's Restaurant and Bar

When it comes arranging a decent social affair with companions, getting a suitable venue is one of the hardest
choices to make. It ought to be some place that everyone will concur on and this can be really dubious for
a gathering of eight. Since the ball was in my court to set the following social affair with my school companions, I was on a
post for a decent place we can all concur on. Sustenance, obviously, is one of our needs, to verify we’ll
have an incredible time.

Fortunately, I discovered this incredible offer at Metrodeal for a gathering dinner useful for 5 persons at Gerry’s Restaurant
also, Bar for just P999 with 2 set dinner choices to browse esteemed at P1370. This discount met my
necessities consummately—perfect venue (I picked Greenbelt Branch since it’s the most available to every one of us)
also, ensured great nourishment (we all know we adore the sustenance that Gerry’s serve). So I acquired 2 vouchers,
realizing that we can without much of a stretch clean a dinner useful for 10 persons.

Date was set, vouchers close by, evidently, we had a ton of fun. The nourishment was as incredible not surprisingly,
obviously. I can’t get enough of their Sizzling Sisig which made we consider the arrangement in any case
since it was a piece of Set Meal #1. We chose both Set Meals since we had several vouchers so it’s
great to have a touch of everything. The Sinigang na Bangus Belly was breathtaking as well and additionally the Spicy
Garlic Chicken.

With loads of chuckling in the middle of chomps, it was absolutely a win. What made it even incredible is that we got
27% markdown on the set dinner.

For more about Metrodeal reviews, complaints plus more information, visit this link: http://blog.rainingpesos.com.ph/online-shopping-and-how-to-detect-a-scam-metrodeal-zalora-ewine-reviews-and-more/