Envelope Folding Outdoor Sleeping Bag


Oh, my goodness. I can’t thank MetroDeal enough for showing me this deal at the time it did! I’d been looking for sleeping bags for an upcoming weekend camping trip with my friends to go stargazing on a hill. We’ve been told that it can get freezing once nighttime hits, and it would be much better if we could bring a sleeping bag besides a blanket.

I quickly learned that sleeping bags could be quite expensive, and there are so many specifications you need to be mindful of before making your final purchase. Fast forward to this deal, and I saw one at just the right price for my budget, it’s waterproof, it’s just the right thickness, and the size would fit me as well. I didn’t hesitate to order it and was so pleased with the quality that I received. I tested it out on controlled temperatures, and it really does keep me warm! Ready for my camping trip!

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