Leegoal Anti-Lost Smartwatch for Kids

No matter how many times I send my kids off to school, part of me still worries about not being able to keep an eye on them the moment they leave the house. Since they’re not allowed to use their mobile phones in school, I went looking for the closest alternative possible.

The Leegoal Anti-Lost Smartwatch for Kids on Metrodeal instantly caught my attention. It turns out, the smartwatch comes with real-time GPS, allowing me to track the exact location of my kids. They can even send chats and make phone calls from it. I can say, it’s better than buying them the latest smartphone today.

It records how many steps they took during the day, too, so I can monitor if they’re taking enough exercise (or they’re running away from a bad person). The watch helps my kids work on their physical development as they try to beat their daily record every day.

I’m at peace knowing that if they ever find themselves in trouble, they can always press the SOS button and I’d know exactly where they are.

My kids are thrilled with it and I’m comfortable knowing where they are and how they’re doing. Thanks, Metrodeal for this awesome offer!

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5-Piece Baby-Z Yellow Newborn Baby Essentials Set

Even though newborn babies don’t require an extensive wardrobe yet, it’s handy to have a complete set of clothes when you finally take your baby home. At least, that was the case for me.

I highly recommend new parents to get the 5-Piece Baby-Z Yellow Newborn Baby Essentials Set I discovered. Not only is it durable and comfortable to wear, it’s also made with a soft cotton material.

My baby looks great wearing the ones that came with animal prints. I also love that it’s made to be unisex; allowing parents to buy as many as they like, even if it’s still too early to know the baby’s gender.

So, if you’re also a parent and you’re looking for awesome things to get for your baby, check out great offers from Metrodeal today!

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The Complete Ikea Fornuft Cutlery Set for Our New Home!

Two of the things my husband and I looked forward to when we got married were getting to move into our own home and receiving gifts that we can use for our house.

While we did get a few appliances and some home décor items thanks to our family and friends, we noticed that we missed out on one of the more important things—cutlery! It’s fun to eat with our hands, but we can only do it for so long (plastics aren’t a viable alternative, either).

Fortunately, we stumbled upon this offer on MetroDeal, and with an Ikea brand nonetheless. We received all six pieces of each of spoon, fork, knife, and teaspoon. This means that we have enough not just for the both us, but for our visitors—and soon, our kids (hopefully!)—as well.

We especially liked the fact that it’s an Ikea brand, so we’re assured of its quality despite the inexpensive price.

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My New Gym Buddy

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My New Gym Buddy

I have very slow metabolism, and I don’t sweat a lot. I don’t even wear deodorant on a daily basis!

I started going to the gym last month, but I’m not sweating as much as the other people working out. I see them dripping with sweat while on the treadmill, while I just have a thin sheen of sweat on my skin.

I want to lose weight, and a gym buddy recommended this waist trimmer. Thankfully, MetroDeal ships in just one to three business days, and I was able to get my Sweat Belt in two days.

The first time I used it, I was amazed by how much I perspired. The waist band of my pants was soaked! The outer part of the belt did absorb sweat and moisture, but I was perspiring heavily, so my bottoms got wet, too. It was awesome. I feel like I’m losing more weight during my gym sessions now.

Plus, it helps me strengthen my core, albeit indirectly. Wearing the belt under my gym clothes reminds me to tighten my core during the workout.

I highly recommend this product. It’s cheap, too! I checked out waist trimmers at the mall, and they’re priced at around Php 700, so this one’s definitely a steal at Php 159.

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The SD Card That Gave My Phone More Room for Storing Memories

My smartphone is my life. It is where I keep the photos of all my memorable moments during my travels, besides the fact that it is one of the most helpful tools I have always with me.

But with the number of trips I take on a yearly basis, my phone’s memory eventually ran out of room. An upcoming trip threw me into a fit of panic.

I remember furiously searching for the best deal online. And for somebody who is strapped with cash, getting one cheap was a top priority since I had to stick to my a budget for my scheduled trip. It was MetroDeal to the rescue with their SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Card.

The 32 GB space not only gave my phone a nice memory boost, but also bumped up its speed. I had loads more photos to upload on my social media accounts!

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