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My New Gym Buddy

I have very slow metabolism, and I don’t sweat a lot. I don’t even wear deodorant on a daily basis!

I started going to the gym last month, but I’m not sweating as much as the other people working out. I see them dripping with sweat while on the treadmill, while I just have a thin sheen of sweat on my skin.

I want to lose weight, and a gym buddy recommended this waist trimmer. Thankfully, MetroDeal ships in just one to three business days, and I was able to get my Sweat Belt in two days.

The first time I used it, I was amazed by how much I perspired. The waist band of my pants was soaked! The outer part of the belt did absorb sweat and moisture, but I was perspiring heavily, so my bottoms got wet, too. It was awesome. I feel like I’m losing more weight during my gym sessions now.

Plus, it helps me strengthen my core, albeit indirectly. Wearing the belt under my gym clothes reminds me to tighten my core during the workout.

I highly recommend this product. It’s cheap, too! I checked out waist trimmers at the mall, and they’re priced at around Php 700, so this one’s definitely a steal at Php 159.

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