Orico Universal Power Surge Protector with 4 USB Ports


I’m a freelancer who always finds himself working in coffee shops. Working at home makes me sleepy! It’s fun to have the flexibility to work anywhere my feet can take me, but there’s a downside. There are times when power outlets aren’t readily available or they’re too far from where I’m seated.

So, I make sure to bring an extension cord with me. I’m very meticulous when it comes to gadget care, that’s why I don’t just use an extension cord. I prefer those with surge protection features to lengthen the battery life of my devices.

This Orico Universal Power Surge Protector is perfect for me because it also has four USB ports to charge my iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Switch, and powerbank all at the same time. This way, the other outlets can be used for other devices, such as my MacBook and my portable monitor.

I bought two of these from MetroDeal. I use one in my home office and I keep the second one in my laptop bag.


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Egg Sitter Support Cushion: For More Comfy Gluts


Most of my day is spent sitting in front of my laptop, and after a few hours of continuous working, my lower back and my gluts start to feel numb. I figured that I needed some form of a cushion or lumbar support for my office chair so that I can work for longer periods of time. It’s hard to take breaks when you’re on a roll!

I spent days reading reviews and looking for the best, most ergonomic chair cushion until I found this MetroDeal listing for the Egg Sitter Support Cushion. I thought: “Really, you can sit on an egg and it wouldn’t break?!” It aroused my curiosity, of course, so I bought it!


I was so excited to receive this, so I was really thankful that the delivery was fast. It arrived just two days after! I immediately tried it out. I didn’t even have to sit on an egg (nor did I want to) to know that it’s really comfortable. It works as advertised! There’s less pressure on my buttocks, and my back doesn’t hurt so much anymore after work.

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Keeping It Fun: Wall-Mounted Potty Toilet Training for Baby Boys


I have a two-year-old son, and they weren’t kidding when they coined the term “terrible two’s”! He’s super mischievous and it’s really hard to potty train him. I first bought the potty trainer shaped like a regular toilet bowl so I can teach him to lift the toilet seat before doing number 1 and sit down when doing number 2.

Then one day, we went to the mall, and they had a urinal for little boys! I taught him how to use it, and he was quite amused by it. It was so funny when he tried to sit on it, too.

When I found this fun little urinal on MetroDeal, I couldn’t resist. It’s just too cute watching him aim for the urinal! This one’s wall-mounted, and installs quite easily. Plus, it has the mill-like contraption in the middle which makes it even more fun for him to pee.

Now, he doesn’t have to wear diapers during the day, especially when we’re just at home. Bye-bye, diapers! Because of this urinal, he only has to wear diapers in the evening or when we’re going out.

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Energetic Makeover with a Hair Color Package Treatment

Hairchitec Salon

After under-going a noteworthy choice in my life (yes, “the separation”), I was tingling for generally radical
change maybe conceived from a need to convey what needs be or maybe plain adapting component with respect to sort. Notwithstanding of the principle reason, I assumed that a decent approach to reexamine myself would be to enhance my hair shading. I kept running over precisely what I craved! Superb Hair Coloring with hair style and treatment at Hairchitec Salon relating to insane rate of P699! Unique cost is P4300 so that is a phenomenal 84% rebate!

I need to concede that its the novel name of the magnificence parlor that made me appear to be twice while I was scanning
through the supplied arrangements. I hunt online down a couple surveys on the hair and facial salon and I figured out how to find a couple of great post. Indeed, that is adequate actually!

The area is great since its exceptionally available; just crosswise over GMA 7 with Quezon City. The spot is
really clean and enchanting great, i question anyone will concoct a Metrodeal protest on the subject of that. I
discovered the staff inviting and all that much willing to backing. All the more essentially, I so adore the real result! Like
I said, I needed something radical so I prefered red. The shorter, part look surrounded my arrangement with simply the
route I like it in addition to the treatment made my head of hair gleaming and delicate to the touch. I’d say it wound up being all justified regardless of the stick around! With this fantastic new look, I have a feeling that I could courageously confront the world to fathom certainty
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Useful dandy pedi spin callus remover

I’ve been OC for my own whole feet. I always ensure that I had a weekly pedicure, foor parrafin, foot spa and massage. I’ve been like this for I run and wear high heels for the whole day, and my feet and my legs is killing me! I deserve to get some pampering and to give some TLC to my sorely worn out feet, all because I are worthy of it.

But weekly pedicures and spas are common worth the money. I’ve observed some deals thought, but still I must spend money on them. I can pedicure my nails though but buffing my feet to lose the calluses? This is the main problem that I need to eliminate.

Callous removers are a pleasure to behold: they are without a doubt a lifesaver, and I can also do this at home! Along with few touches and spins, the dry skin is fully gone, along with the grime that is included with it. It is a shock that it comes with the hefty price. Good thing Metrodeal has its offer with a 66% off the original value. It is indeed a good deal for me, for I is now able to get this amazing callus remover for only 269 pesos!: )

We have already made a purchase, and I am waiting for my order! Thankful for Metrodeal because of this amazing deal and other promos posted on the website. I can’t wait buy more deals from their website soon!

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