No More Uncomfortable Naps During Long Hours of Travel with This Wraparound Pillow


I love traveling and I do it every chance I get. Throughout all my travels, there is one important lesson I’ve learned that you might also find useful: a neck pillow is your best friend. This is especially true when spending seemingly endless hours on the road or aboard a plane when flying coach.

I realized this was a need when a friend recommended bringing one with me on my travels. But seeing those bulky u-shaped neck pillows not only take up luggage space, but also make me look like someone with a neck ailment. Good thing lucky ol’ me was online shopping and stumbled into this cool wraparound neck pillow that doesn’t even look like one.

This soft neck support travel pillow doesn’t scream ‘sleepy old man with a neck brace,’ but instead, looks like a scarf. Not only does it give my neck full support during those long hours of travel, but it also looks fashionable. Best of all, it’s easy to fold and pack in my bag.

If you want one, head over to the MetroDeal site and get one at 79% off!

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