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Waterproof Faux Wood Bathroom Rack


When I was still single, my mother would often tell me and my older sister to keep our bathroom spick and span. In case a visitor had to use our bathroom, we won’t be worried about it looking dirty or be ashamed to let our visitor use the john.

I guess I took our mother’s teaching to heart, so now that I have my own bedroom and bathroom, I like to keep my stash of toiletries and other personal amenities neatly organized. I have a waterproof faux wood bathroom rack containing different kinds of fragrances, creams, soaps, oils, cosmetics, and so much more. They fit perfectly well on the three compartments and two drawers of the rack.

This bathroom organizer from MetroDeal caught my fancy because it has those cute paw carvings on each of the pair of drawers located at the foot of the rack. It’s also durable and easy to clean, so I’m pretty sure I’m not getting a new bathroom rack anytime soon.

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