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Mini Me Caricature Dolls as the Perfect Gift!

This is by far the most awesome and easiest gift! It’s a little bit expensive, but well worth it. The discount voucher is quite useful because that’s a Php701 discount.

I was looking for the perfect gift for my boss’ birthday. She usually sports designer goods, and I can’t afford the stuff that I think she might like. But, this one is perfect!

It came out really cute, and she was very flattered. It’s now displayed on her desk at work. It’s since become a conversation starter and even serves as an icebreaker during meetings.

I bought four more vouchers last week, and I’m planning to give each of my favorite clients a caricature doll of themselves. I think I’ll score some huge pogi points because of this.

Make sure to bring a good photo so that they can accurately include small details like moles, dimples, and eyebrows. When I ordered the doll for my boss, I had to send a few photos. It wasn’t really a bother, and it turned out quite beautifully. This is a really great personalized gift and is perfect for anyone and everyone.

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