Staying Safe on the Road with the Anytek G66 Dash Camera

As a new car owner, I am doing everything to keep my car in perfect condition. At the same time, a well-maintained vehicle is a good investment, so I decided to buy the Anytek G66 1080p Dash Camera through MetroDeal.

I’ve seen many dash cam videos of cars in road accidents, most of the time due to the recklessness of other motorists. Watching these videos taught me that having proof in case of such accidents will further protect my investment—and help me avoid unwanted fees, to boot!

The Anytek Dashcam records in 1080p, assuring me of a clear video when played back. Its 3.5-inch touch display with 2 million pixel-resolution allows me to check what’s being recorded in full HD glory. The built-in lithium battery will let the cam record during the entire trip. And with a price tag of P4,099, this dashcam is as sound of an investment as the car itself.

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