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Safe Metal Cash Box


My grandma, who runs a small store in front of her house, told me that she recently lost some of her earnings. It’s still unclear who stole them and how it happened, but she did tell me that she’s quite careless about how she’s been keeping the money. For one, she doesn’t have a proper receptacle for it, and that’s she’s been too trusting of the people coming in and out of her house.

I took it upon myself to buy her a suitable container and bought this Safe Metal Cash Box from Metrodeal. Since this box comes with a lock, she can keep her earnings safe from those who might be attempting to take it for themselves. It also comes with compartments for both cash and coins, so she can appropriately organize the money for easy tallying.

For P1499, the cash box is quite pricey, but I guess it’s a price worth paying for security.

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