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Lacoste Chantaco Pique Leather Bugatti Bag

I’m an avid fan of Novak Djokovic, the World’s No. 1 tennis superstar. Watching him give his all during tennis matches makes me love the sport more and more. Nole, as his fans call him, also has a charming look and witty personality. He’s very confident too, which shows in the way he talks, moves, or dresses.

Lacoste has been one of his major clothing sponsors and being the obsessed fan that I am, I’ve also become loyal to the same brand.

Whenever there’s a Lacoste product that’s on sale on MetroDeal, I buy it, more often than not. The latest addition to my collection is the Chantaco Pique Leather Bugatti Bag, which is available in bronze, gold, khaki, navy blue, and red. I ordered khaki the first time around, but a Lacoste bag in red always looks sassy, so I got it, too. As usual, this iconic brand didn’t disappoint. The bags feel luxuriously French yet sporty at the same time, and it’s sized just right at 32 x 23 x 12 cm, which is neither too big nor too tiny. Now that I think of it, there’s always room for one more of those crocodile-branded bags in my closet.

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