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Michael Kors Watch


Wow! I’m still in shock! I can’t believe I got the chance to buy this piece for 74% off! So, let me tell you a bit about my experience and how I stumbled upon this excellent deal on MetroDeal.

I was looking for anniversary gifts for my long-time boyfriend. He’s an avid watch collector, but he usually likes purchasing his watches by himself because he’s very picky.

One day, I was randomly scrolling through MetroDeal coupons for a supposed vacation I was planning for us, when I saw this instead. My eyes went wide when I saw the massive price drop! I couldn’t resist getting him one, even though there was a risk that he might not like it. He LOVED it!

I got him a solid black design because you can’t go wrong with black. So, the story ends on a happy note, too! Hooray! I’m so grateful that I saw this deal and went for it!

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