Love for the sky! Adventures with dearest officemates at Potipot!

My and my lunch buddies were all tired and we want to escape to the beach. Our workload has been torturing us and our supervisor stresses us out because of his behavior. We may have our company outing at one of the displayed resorts located in Laguna but for sure we still need to abide his rules, and which I think it is crazy. Who would want to work on this crappy office with a nazi boss after all?

Being adventurers that we are, we think of getting away from the stressful workload and have a perfect vacation for us. And so it’s decided that we need to have a vacation somewhere in the wilderness, with white sand beach, crispy blue waters, tall trees in a secluded island kilometers miles away from the Metro. No internet, no cellphone lines, no crazy work and no crazy boss (lol!) it’ll be a perfect getaway for all of us who wants to destress and be with nature again.

potipot facade

Me and other lunch buddy Macci searched for possible getaway spots that has the things that we are searching for. We checked on travel sites, blogs and we saw this site about the lovely Potipot island situated in Iba, Zambales. A close friend of mine who already went there told me how pristine and hidden the island is, and she even told me that I need to check the majestic sunset view at the far end of the island. I told my lunch buddies about this and we decided that we’re going to see Potipot in the next few days!

The next thing that we did is to scout for travel companies that offer group discounts. We were 7 of us and the 2 days/1 night travel deal to Potipot island from Metrodeal is the best thing for us! I discussed this voucher deal with my lunch mates, agreed to have a group purchase and availed on the voucher on Metrodeal.

So we got the vouchers, fixed our schedule and we’re off to Zambales. We out of Makati at around 7 in the morning and we arrived at around 12 in the afternoon. As we arrived at the resort near Potipot island, we waited for the boat ride going there. And as the boat arrived going our destination, I was anxious as we make our way to the island.

Caught a starfish at Potipot!
Looking at Potipot is a love at first sight. Never did I thought that it’ll be a secluded version of Boracay. Pristine clear waters, powdery white sand beach, trees at the middle part of the island and I can see live starfishes and fishes nearby! It was |refreshing and all we did while we were there was to have fun and own the whole beach. And as the sun sets we went to the other side of the island. I was close to tears as I cant help myself to love the beauty of the island untouched by people. It was indeed gorgeous.

Since we also availed on the food add-ons posted on the Metrodeal voucher, we can’t help but to indulge to the sumptuous feast in front of us. After the hearty feast we set up the tents and we stargaze as we fall to sleep.

It was a relaxing sleep under the stars and I woke up just before the sun rises. I went on a barefoot run around the island and I cant help but to admire the island’s beauty. Potipot may be small, but it’s a remarkable treasure island hidden from the busy metropolis. As my friends woke up we decided to make a quick dip while we are waiting for our breakfast to arrive.

We love it here! And I swear that I will definitely come back for an adventure again! Metrodeal has been a great friend to me for offering this amazingly budget-friendly deal to us, thanks again!