Greet 2016 with a Cool Personalized Calendar from Photobook Philippines

Photobook Philippines

Last quarter of the year, a little less than 2 months and we’re going to bid 2015 goodbye. Well, before I
get all caught up in the Christmas shopping rush, I saw this great offer at Metrodeal for a customized desk
calendar at up to 77% discount and I just couldn’t resist.

Before making the purchase, I decided to look for Metrodeal reviews and I found a few bloggers who
recommend Photobook Philippines’ products. Convinced it’s a fun thing to do & the discounts are quite
tempting, I bought the basic 6” x 6” desk calendar (cheapest of the lot) for PhP249 (regular price PhP850) and
an 11” x 5” desk calendar for only PhP299 (regular price Php950)

I was intimidated by the idea of having to use their software and following links for the instructions but I
realized it’s not so hard. Lesson learned, however, is that before you start the whole thing, you have to
prepare all the photos in one place—a special folder or in a USB flash drive.

Since I was quite excited about the whole thing, I redeemed the first calendar by finishing the Project. I
only need to wait for 7 days for my calendar to be delivered and I’m only on my 2nd day but the wait can be
pretty tough since I so want to see the finished product already. As for my 2nd calendar, I’m still finalizing
which photos to include so finishing the next calendar layout will only be a breeze.

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Unforgettble Overload with Wendy’s Baconator

Wendy's Baconator

This present Wendy’s Baconator promo will be back at Metrodeal! I was super eager when my inbox proclaimed
what is this incredible today that this particular wonderful promo is back for what they call Final Extension
for the time being (the photo says “Finishing Soon”). I was so baffled once the arrangement finished and I
wasn’t equipped for purchase the last minute in light of the fact that I was trusting the offer will last until
the last of its legitimacy interim. It was my undesirable, I know, I shouldn’t have held up such quite a while!

So when I watched the brilliant news, I didn’t even consider every option and acquired right out! I cherish
Wendy’s Baconator and in addition the 36% reserve funds implies a considerable measure when you have awesome
arrangements on going overboard with companions. Normally, I called my companions to share the news so you can
make arrangements together. Why should capable oppose burning through PhP199 for the Baconator Meal (the offer
you incorporates Iced tea furthermore Fries) which costs PhP313?

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Unforgettable Moments at Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar

Gerry's Restaurant and Bar

When it comes arranging a decent social affair with companions, getting a suitable venue is one of the hardest
choices to make. It ought to be some place that everyone will concur on and this can be really dubious for
a gathering of eight. Since the ball was in my court to set the following social affair with my school companions, I was on a
post for a decent place we can all concur on. Sustenance, obviously, is one of our needs, to verify we’ll
have an incredible time.

Fortunately, I discovered this incredible offer at Metrodeal for a gathering dinner useful for 5 persons at Gerry’s Restaurant
also, Bar for just P999 with 2 set dinner choices to browse esteemed at P1370. This discount met my
necessities consummately—perfect venue (I picked Greenbelt Branch since it’s the most available to every one of us)
also, ensured great nourishment (we all know we adore the sustenance that Gerry’s serve). So I acquired 2 vouchers,
realizing that we can without much of a stretch clean a dinner useful for 10 persons.

Date was set, vouchers close by, evidently, we had a ton of fun. The nourishment was as incredible not surprisingly,
obviously. I can’t get enough of their Sizzling Sisig which made we consider the arrangement in any case
since it was a piece of Set Meal #1. We chose both Set Meals since we had several vouchers so it’s
great to have a touch of everything. The Sinigang na Bangus Belly was breathtaking as well and additionally the Spicy
Garlic Chicken.

With loads of chuckling in the middle of chomps, it was absolutely a win. What made it even incredible is that we got
27% markdown on the set dinner.

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Energetic Makeover with a Hair Color Package Treatment

Hairchitec Salon

After under-going a noteworthy choice in my life (yes, “the separation”), I was tingling for generally radical
change maybe conceived from a need to convey what needs be or maybe plain adapting component with respect to sort. Notwithstanding of the principle reason, I assumed that a decent approach to reexamine myself would be to enhance my hair shading. I kept running over precisely what I craved! Superb Hair Coloring with hair style and treatment at Hairchitec Salon relating to insane rate of P699! Unique cost is P4300 so that is a phenomenal 84% rebate!

I need to concede that its the novel name of the magnificence parlor that made me appear to be twice while I was scanning
through the supplied arrangements. I hunt online down a couple surveys on the hair and facial salon and I figured out how to find a couple of great post. Indeed, that is adequate actually!

The area is great since its exceptionally available; just crosswise over GMA 7 with Quezon City. The spot is
really clean and enchanting great, i question anyone will concoct a Metrodeal protest on the subject of that. I
discovered the staff inviting and all that much willing to backing. All the more essentially, I so adore the real result! Like
I said, I needed something radical so I prefered red. The shorter, part look surrounded my arrangement with simply the
route I like it in addition to the treatment made my head of hair gleaming and delicate to the touch. I’d say it wound up being all justified regardless of the stick around! With this fantastic new look, I have a feeling that I could courageously confront the world to fathom certainty
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The Story of Our Tagaytay Experience by Metrodeal


Me and my favorite buddy were pondering on a getaway that will take us from the busy and toxic city of Manila. We wished to relax and at the same time have some fun. We live down south and now we don’t desire to travel that long, and then we were thinking-where could we find the getaway we were wishing for? And so last 14 days ago, Wednesday, our shifts ended at 6 in the morning, we did our usual thing. Met up in the office lobby, smoke down stairs with many of our team mates, and lastly went the place to find our apartment. Although it was my turn to plan for our breakfast (or in other words it was intended to be our dinner), she was too busy browsing and planning to book tickets at Cebu Pacific Air. All the whileIn the mean time, she changed her mind and screamed like hell for she discovered this convincing site called, Metrodeal (

I checked on the site too and I said to read some reviews first before availing the vouchers. We had doubts though. We’ve got to read two bad reviews concerning the site but even as we searched for more we found enough excellent reviews about Metrodeal (, and then we do it now. We chose this 2-Day/1-Night Stay at Tagaytay Residence Inn for 2 Persons with Paradizoo Farm tour & Zipline Ride just for P1990. The main price was P4500, how about that? We called Indochina Strings at 846-2749 for reservations and now we were booked! We were too excited for the trip!

After 5 days of working straight, we’re away and off to our most awaited trip!

We took a cab going to Tagaytay so we checked in to the hotel. The resort’s ambiance was too cozy, very relaxing and staffs were so accommodating. We experienced the famous Zipline as well as a tour at Paradizoo Farm. Such a wonderful experience! We had fun! We are going to definitely try this again.

If it weren’t for Metrodeal (, we wouldn’t have the ability to experience this such amazing and relaxing vacation! For just P1990 each we’ve given ourselves a very soothing and exciting break from tiring life within the city! It will surely be cherished!