My Successful Metrodeal Experience

It wasn’t that simple to imagine but hey, I’ve tried it so often!

I delivered a 7.2 bouncing baby boy last August 2011. Can you think of simply how much I gained weight? From 83lbs before the baby, I gained 50lbs more. After a couple of months, I tried to jog around our village. I really could say it helped a bit but I was thinking i’ll eat so much of my time ever since i am working fulltime at Makati. I’ve tried so many slimming pills, but sadly I failed! Meanwhile my partner told me about this MetroDeal Metrodeal Reviews. I heard some bad reviews concerning this site before. It’s kind of scary though, however how would I understand if it’ are the real deal if I won’t try it myself. I searched for the best and good promo for a number of hours, and then I ran across this deal:

What can you say? It is a perfect deal for me personally! With my figure then, the dermatologist guessed I’ll need a minimum of 5 sessions only to reach my preferred weight. A normal session lasts till 10-12 sessions, however I wasn’t that obese to pass through that procedure, so 5 sessions would do. Never imagined it’ll be that easy to shed weight. What i’m saying is, naturally it would take mile after mile to jog, countless months of having good diet, no cheat day, a lot of pills to take before reaching your dream body. But here I am, on my last and final session. Because of MetroDeal for granting my need to come true! My money didn’t be wasted – at all!

I acquired 1 voucher first to give it a shot, it costs Php300 only. I went to the nearest branch when i phoned the clinic for reservations. My first session went successful so I thought we would purchase 4 more coupons to complete my entire sessions. My big problem was my abdomen, I kind of having a difficult time and was thinking of the inability to wear my two piece swim suits again during summertime.

2nd Floor SM City Cebu Northwing,
North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel. No. (032)268-8140

The staff were helpful and I was excited to endure the procedure. Thankfully, with today’s technology I needed to experience this non-surgical lipo-sculpting, otherwise known as ultra cavitations. I only felt the warmth as my body moulds toward my dream figure. With my second session, I can see already good results the fats from my abdomen were becoming slimmer and slimmer! I was too pleased with the result!

Used to do a good choice – that is to try out MetroDeal for me to actually experience just what it offers. I’m one lucky sexy healthy woman now with an awful 1 year old son! Yay!

Slimming on the budget, thanks to Dermcare’s amazing deal on Metrodeal

I admit that we are having a difficulty to lose weight naturally and eliminate fat on problem areas, especially on my tummy area. And just as much as I could to lose weight naturally by dieting and spending too much time on a gym, I still can’t lose those excess weight off. My work has stopped me from spending a lot of time during a workout session and my figure right this moment is beginning to stress me out.

I was searching for ways in reducing cellulite and fat especially in my tummy area without undergoing plastic surgery, staying all night during a workout session and drinking slimming pills and drinks, , nor I don’t wanna waste too much money on cosmetic surgery. Of course, liposuction is impossible for it’s not affordable,  and risky, until I found out about the Rf slimming treatment.

After a weight research, Radio Frequency slimming treatment is considered another big thing on slimming cosmetic surgery,  for it’s safe, fast and non-abrasive. it offers to improve circulation, reduce cellulite and improve complexion. This treatment also plans to lose 2-3 cm each session and can target specific troublesome areas. And i am happy that MetroDeal offers affordable Radio Frequency slimming treatment from Dermcare at a decreased price.

Originally costing 3000 pesos, the Radio Frequency voucher from Metrodeal ( only priced at 250 pesos per session. I do believe with this deal is a big bargain for all who would like to try this amazingly safe slimming treatment. And also, since Dermcare Professional Skin, Hair and Spa is amongst the leading skin, hair and wellness centers in the Philippines for more than twenty years, i know that  that they’ll provide utmost care to all services for allf For this reason I acquired this offer and tried their radio frequency slimming treatment.

To date, I’m pleased with Dermcare’s slimming deal from Metrodeal ( The voucher applies on 36 locations nationwide and also the clinic’s ambience is clean and sleek. the slimming treatment methods are done by physicians and therapist, that is why i know that this treatment methods are being done properly. And aside from the slimming services from Dermcare, they also offer Up to now, I lost a lot of extra fats from my waist and im satisfied with my MetroDeal purchase.  

I’m thankful that MetroDeal ( has offered this deal if you are wanting to lose those unwanted fats on specific target areas. Because of their great number of deals, everything is worth buying for!