A Meal Deal Like No Other – MetroDeal’s Barrio Fiesta Deal

Barrio Fiesta’s Crispy Pata may be the ideal 1 there is hands down. They make it so best that when individuals feel of Crispy Pata, they associate it with Barrio Fiesta. I for a single, have fallen in appreciate with it the very first time I tasted it. I never feel I will ever taste a Crispy Pata as scrumptious as what they have.

But not surprisingly, Barrio Fiesta isn’t all about Crispy Pata, or their name will be Crisy Pata Fiesta. It was only through MetroDeal that I found they also have Whole Fried Chicken and Seafood Paella Rice. With my inner foodie screaming “Want!”, I grabbed the deal for only Php 490. This entitled me to both dishes together using a 1.5 Pepsi which will be superior for four men and women.

Collectively with 3 of my workplace buddies, we had our month-to-month fridate at Barrio Fiesta. I was surprised when we got there simply because commonly, there have been not that several shoppers. It was obvious that I wasn’t the only one who availed the vouchers mainly because various tables have the similar order as we will be possessing. Looks like I’m not the only MetroDeal subscriber here.

Food verdict: 4 out of 5 stars. Their chicken was flavorful plus the skin was crispy, and the paella was a little salty for my taste. But the seafood that came with it seriously did properly to compliment the rice. Not surprisingly, I didn’t miss out on the Crispy Pata. I just had to order a single as pasalubong for my family members at home.

General, I believe I had availed an incredible group deal for Barrio Fiesta from MetroDeal. Usually, I wouldn’t be capable of afford feeding four men and women within a restaurant like Barrio Fiesta but MetroDeal created it doable. Just a request even though… Can we please possess a Crispy Pata voucher subsequent time? Quite please?

A MetroDeal Review: Hearty Lunch for Balikbayans!

It turned out to be a major reunion for us last Monday when my loved ones from the States came here in the Philippines to celebrate my cousin’s wedding! A marriage that is loaded with surprises since both parties of the couple are merely from outside the Philippines. Two days before the wedding, mom, dad and i also fetched your entire clan at NAIA. Yes, it was certainly a clan because it was a big amount of my relatives from the States. Our guests includes my 2 nieces, 4 uncles, 3 aunts and 3 nephews plus my grandmom. I know right! They were too excited about the wedding! Among the things they missed about the Philippines will be the cuisine and I was that ready for that moment .

When my sister informed me their flight date, I immediately purchased vouchers for Dine In to Barrio Fiesta from MetroDeal! Before I became hesitant of availing deals from MetroDeal. It’s sort of scary, but then I tried it once to ascertain if all the bad reviews were true. I prove them wrong! After that, I usually avail promos and discounts from MetroDeal. I just purchased a lot from this site before. They never fail me with regards to whatever. So I believe in them the most. So getting vouchers from them isn’t really necessary but I wonder just how much can i save if I got to have a reduction from my vouchers.

Grandma will absolutely love it without a doubt. Everyone knows that Barrio Fiesta offers traditional Pinoy dishes and it’ll work best with our dear guests! They trully missed the Filipino food because they stayed in the usa for six years already, a lot of them were already citizens. So yea, I’m convinced they’ll enjoy the lunch that Barrio Fiesta offers us.

The vouchers consist of 2 each of whole fried chicken, paella rice with crab, squid, shrimps, and mussels plus a soda. A voucher is only Php490 rather than Php1005. I saved 56%, imagine that! Though we still need to acquire more food like Crispy Kangkong, Crispy Pata, Green Mango with Bagoong, Kilawin Tanigue, Seafood Kare-Kare, and Steamed Lapu-Lapu. It turned out to be indeed a hell of a lunch!

You’ll never go wrong with Barrio Fiesta in terms of Filipino dishes. The nice ambiance in the restaurant helped to make our experience superb! It turned out to be a happy lunch for my balikbayan family. They loved the service so much and the foods served were divine! Special because of my voucher from Metrodeal (Android ICS Tablet PC), it taught me to be save a bit and it was nothing but good! Listed here are the meal we love and ate!

Crispy Pata

Green Mango with Bagoong

Seafood Kare-Kare