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This Personal Security Alarm Device Gives Me Peace of Mind


I’m a call center agent in one of the BPO companies in the metro. Having worked as a night shifter for the longest time, I’m already used to traveling to work when most people are already asleep. Then again, I’ll never leave it to chance to go out in the dark without something to protect me from potential dangers.

One of the things that gives me peace of mind during these times is my personal security alarm device. I got this item from MetroDeal recently and feel a certain level of safety every time I leave the house at night. The way it works is that there’s a hanging pin attached to the device, which when pulled, sounds an alarm loud enough for bystanders to hear. It can be handy when there’s an emergency situation or, God forbid, when someone attacks me. I simply clip the security device to my bag, so it’s easy to access in case I ever need to use it. It’s especially intended for women, so it comes in a bright pink color with a stick figure of a lady stamped on the device for a more feminine touch.

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