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Bell & Howell Tac Tool


Finally, the one tool that has it all! In the house, it’s so difficult to maintain and keep track all of our tools because they can get easily misplaced. My wife and I are fans of DIY repairs, so we try to fix what we can before calling plumbers or electricians for help.

This has 18 tools in it and includes all the necessary ones like a bottle opener for your drinks, a hammer, pliers, screwdriver, even a knife! It reminds me of a cooler version of a swiss army knife but for household purposes. It’s nifty, saves space, and it’s cheap, considering I saw this in MetroDeal.

It’s a great bargain because I was able to assess the quality upon use — it’s real stainless steel. The handle is grippy and comfortable and the tools are sharp. This is a must-have in your toolbox even if you have the individual pieces of this because at least you know you’ll have an extra one. You can even bring this to your camping trips!

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