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Portable Noncontact Infrared Body Thermometer

I live with two teens (female cousins) and two toddlers (my eldest brother’s kids) so as you can imagine, flu season hits us hard at home. My mom prefers to stick with her good old mercury thermometer, but I personally think that a hospital grade thermometer is more practical and useful. I remember dropping our old thermometer and how difficult it was to clean up. Plus, the mercury thermometer isn’t safe to use anymore.

So, I went online to look for a non-contact thermometer as back-up for our current one. I came across a portable non-contact infrared body thermometer from MetroDeal. I’ve had it for four months now and it has served us well each time we had to use it.

We tested its accuracy using our old mercury thermometer and the result matches at all times. It checks the body temperature without getting in contact with the skin. This came in handy when my niece got a fever and refused to let anyone touch her. The device is absolutely easy to use and works with 2 AA batteries. It does the job well and I highly recommend it!

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