Marc Jacobs Snapshot Glitter Camera Bag

Carrying my camera on trips can be a hassle, especially since I bring extra batteries and SD cards. The camera is compact in itself; however, I feel like it needs its own bag for protection.

A fellow film enthusiast knew I was looking for a camera bag and she was familiar with my style preference. So, she bought a Marc Jacobs Snapshot Glitter Camera Bag from MetroDeal as a gift for my birthday. The item arrived 4 days later. I was so excited that I unboxed it immediately!

It features dual zip-top closures and a divider for a seamless organization of my SD cards and batteries. It does its job at keeping my camera secure and free from scratches. It also has an interior slip pocket that I use for paper bills.
Now, I get to bring my camera with no worries and with ease. It’s so chic and stylish! I love how I can use it as an everyday purse as well.

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