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Foldable Banana-Shaped Umbrella for Kids

My kids, age 6 and 7, are already attending school. They have a school service but when they get dropped off, they still have to walk a few feet to get inside the house. So I thought I’d get them their own umbrellas they can bring to school or use whenever we go outside. I got them a foldable banana-shaped umbrella I from MetroDeal. They liked it so much!

These cute umbrellas are wind resistant and have a sturdy framework. I like how it has its own case, making it easy to stow inside my children’s backpacks. Also, the unique design makes it easy to find if it ever gets lost. My kid left it once in school and manong guard knew it was hers right then and there.

This cute banana umbrella also helped them make new friends in the park the other day, when other kids got curious about it. Who knew that this would be more than just a shield from the rain.

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