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Gel Polish Drying & Curing LED UV Lamp Kit

I’ve always had my nails done at my favorite nail salon. But they’ve recently increased their prices and I can no longer justify its worth. Also, my mom has been getting a home service manicure and pedicure once a month, so I’ve been taking advantage of that.

But of course, I still missed having gel nail polish. So I decided to look for a kit online and see if I can just do it at home. I bought gel nail polish at a department store and a gel polish drying and curing LED UV lamp kit from MetroDeal, all for a reasonable price.

I was surprised at how easy it is! The gel polish application is where it gets tricky. You have to be very careful since its consistency is thicker than regular nail polish. Meanwhile, using the drying and curing kit was a breeze. I just rest my hands on the flat surface and leave it to dry for a few seconds.

It’s absolutely effortless and convenient! Buying my own gel nail polish UV lamp kit will save me a lot of cash in the future! Now, I don’t have to pay a hefty amount just to get gel nail polish. I can do it on my own!

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