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I Found the Perfect Gadget Organizer for My Travels

Being always on-the-go means living out of a suitcase. This involves many bags within bags, or what I like to call ‘bagception.’ The trick is to find smaller bags that are easy to fit inside your luggage. And for someone like me who can be clumsy at times, getting those baby bags that have a little protection from the elements matters. This rings especially true for all my electronics and their accessories.

I’ve been through a few replacements over the years either because of misplacement or moisture renders them unusable during my outdoor travels. I needed to find something waterproof. It was MetroDeal to the rescue.

I found this nifty waterproof gadget organizer that could fit my gadgets and all their accessories. My power bank, assorted charging chords and flash drives can now be safely tucked inside. I can take it with me everywhere I go regardless of the weather or terrain conditions. And at 72% off, it was a steal!

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