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Cath Kidston Floral Printed Nappy Bag

I’m a kikay mom, and I have to say, this nappy bag made me super happy. It’s tough to find baby accessories and bags that fit your style as well as your baby! All of my baby girl’s stuff is inside, and I must say, this isn’t just a pretty bag, it’s super functional too. There are enough compartments for the bottles and even zip cases for other tiny things you don’t want to lose like the pacifier, bib, etc.!

There was even a bottle case when I opened the bag, so I was pleasantly surprised with the freebie. There are two colors available on MetroDeal, and I have the one in the daisy bed color. I picked it because I think the handle of the bag is longer and I like to sometimes wear the nappy bag as a shoulder bag. Overall, five out five stars for me. It’s an investment that I’m sure I’ll use again for my next kid!

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