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Color-coded Knives for Everyday Use

A friend recently moved into his own place. I knew I had to give him something as a housewarming gift, especially since he took the time to host a moving-in party with us, his close friends. I think this 5-Piece Kitchen Knife Set is the perfect gift seeing that he loves to cook. I want to see him be better as an amateur cook and hopefully turn this hobby into his full-fledged career.

The set includes five different knives that are cleverly color-coded. This way, he doesn’t have to look and check the blades every time he needs one to prepare ingredients. He only needs to remember the type of blade and the color of that knife in the set. I think he’ll personally use the neon green one the most!

Each knife is very sharp, too, and easy to clean. And the best part, I got this all for less than P500, all thanks to Metrodeal!

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