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Heart of the Home Scented Candle

As a mother of three energetic kids who also have a voracious appetite, it’s not surprising I have a messy bathroom that frequently smells like somebody died in there. Instead of shopping for expensive air freshener spray cans, I thought it would be cheaper to buy scented candles and at the same time make my bathroom look classy. And because I have little time to hit the mall and shop for household essentials, I did what any new-age mom would do: go online and shop.

I came across this fantastic deal for Heart of the Home scented candle on the MetroDeal site. It’s made of fully refined wax, which means it burns longer, making it perfect for my bathroom. These scented candles keep my bathroom smelling diving at more than half the price. They were selling at P215 each from the original value of P600. It’s a steal, so I got three. Best of all, they were delivered for free!

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