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ZERO9 Korean Portable Bladeless Fan

My friends and I all take public transportation to school and our classroom isn’t air conditioned, so it can become really hot at times. We already had portable fans bought from sidewalk vendors before, but they break easily. Plus, when the blades get dirty, it’s impossible to clean!

We ordered the ZER09 Korean Portable Bladeless Fan sold on Metrodeal, so we would have cute, matching fans. Honestly, it was the bright colors that got us interested. It’s also rechargeable through USB, so we don’t need to buy batteries for our fans.

Ordering these fans was the best decision we ever made! After an exhausting P.E. class, we’d just sit on the field and cool ourselves down with the fans. It can also stand on its own, so we can place it on our desks during class. Best of all, it’s bladeless so it doesn’t get dirty. No blades, no dirt!

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