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3-in-1 Travel Adapter Set of 2

Years of travelling has taught me one important thing: always carry a travel adapter with you. You never know what type of power socket is commonly used in other countries, especially if it’s your first time. For example, most European countries use a Type C power socket (learned this the hard way in Paris), also known as the international plug, while here in the Philippines, we use the Type A one.

Sadly, my mom and I left our old ones in our hotel room during our US trip a couple of months ago. So, instead of heading down to the mall and paying for an overpriced travel adapter, I opted to shop online.

Finding the 3-in-1 travel adapter on Metrodreal was such a steal! It came in a set of 2, so I gave the other one to my mom. This will forever be kept in my carry-on bag. I hope this review also serves as a helpful travel tip for other first-time overseas travelers!

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