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A More Reliable Charging Cable

I bought my new Android phone just last year, but I believe I have used and abused at least three USB cables for charging or data transfer by this time.

I guess it only makes sense for cables to get damaged due to constant use, but it’s preposterous how some cheap wires can be completely broken in a matter of months!

Thankfully, MetroDeal had a sale on this 3-in-1 Apple & Android USB Cable Charger. When I saw the 50% discount, I just knew I had to buy it.

I even became more convinced when it said that the material and design prevent it from being easily destroyed due to winding and pulling. Admittedly, I don’t really notice if I’m irresponsible with my handling of USB cables, so this is just perfect for me!

This 3-in-1 USB Cable Charger also allows fast charging, which can come in handy on my hectic days. Since it’s made for both Android and Apple devices, I can let my family and friends who use iPhone to borrow it.

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