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A Different Way to Organize Stuff

Being a mom is hard enough. But being a mom with OCD? Lots, lots harder.

Since I started having kids, my compulsion to keep things tidy and organized all the time was put to the test. Toys would always get scattered everywhere, and my husband would laugh at me while I try to put them in their proper place—only to end up strewn around somewhere a moment later. The house was a mess!

That’s what motivated me to look for a low-maintenance setup for keeping my kids’ toys organized. I found this hammock storage on Metrodeal for only P399, which seemed simple enough to set up, so I tried it.

The only thing I didn’t like was that the item was for pick-up only, but as for the product itself, it’s a pretty neat solution for storing toys and other light equipment easily. I just wish it was more durable though, as it looked like it can only carry light stuff. But for the price, I’d say it’s good enough.

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