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Enjoy Filling Sub-Sandwiches at Quiznos

I’m a huge fan of sandwiches, and I love bread in general, more than I love rice. Thankfully, I found a place that satisfies my craving for sandwiches.

Quiznos sells sub-sandwiches with flavors like Chicken Carbonara, Chicken Bacon Mushroom Melt, Chicken Taco Sub, Spinach Architoke, Tuna Pesto, Roast Beef Bacon Mushroom Melt, and much more.

You can even pick the type of bread you want, which is then toasted so that it’s served warm and crispy! Each sandwich is packed with juicy meat and fresh vegetables, making every bite worth it!

But what made it more special was when I came across an awesome discount on Metrodeal. It meant that I could enjoy a sandwich and save as much as 28%.

I tried a sub that I never tasted before, which was the Chicken Carbonara, and its mouthwatering flavors left me wanting more because of the juicy chicken and creamy sauce. It was a perfect combination!

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