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Filipino Food for Family Bonding Time

If there’s one thing I always look forward to on the weekend, that is spending time with my family. I love weekends because it’s a time to relax, unwind, and share stories with my loved ones about what happened in the past week.

We always watch a movie and have dinner on Sundays. Last weekend, I found an amazing discount on Metrodeal, which I just had to avail. It was 50% off voucher from my favorite restaurant, Barrio Fiesta.

My wife and I have always loved Barrio Fiesta as they make the best Filipino dishes. This restaurant is the perfect place to take my kids. Although they are picky eaters, they love the food at Barrio Fiesta.

My girls loved the rock & roll, which is shrimp and pork wrapped in a crispy batter, while my wife and I had the pancit canton. Nothing was lacking in the pancit canton, as it was very filling.

Our tummies were full and we were satisfied because we got to eat veggies, meat, and seafood all in one sitting. It was overflowing! They had big servings per order and was worth our money.

I will always come back to Barrio Fiesta and use Metrodeal for more discounts. There are tons of deals for different choices of restaurants, and I would love to try out other restaurants in the future.

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