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Ditch the Treadmill, Try Out Boxing

Muay Thai Session

I used to jog three times a week for four months. But I was starting to get tired of doing the same thing repeatedly. I felt like I was slowly losing motivation, as jogging didn’t feel fulfilling anymore. There were times where I had to drag myself to jog.

So, I decided to try something different. I searched Metrodeal for a discount for activities that would help keep me fit. Luckily, there was a voucher for one session of boxing or Muay Thai at Hybrid Manila in Pasig.

I chose boxing as I’ve heard there are multiple benefits. It can strengthen your core, tone your muscles, burn calories faster, and more. I also know a lot of people who box and love it.

After the one session, I realized that it was worth the purchase. I wanted to go back again! The trainers were friendly and helpful. They knew how to motivate and push you to keep going.

The facility was fully equipped and in good condition as well. You could tell this, as everything was intact. Unlike other gyms where the equipment has material peeling off or looked like it was about to break when you use it.

I would recommend looking for vouchers on Metrodeal the next time you want to try a different activity.

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