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A Must Try Fusion of Filipino-Mexican Food

Exciting restaurants are popping up everywhere! I usually discover all these great places on Metrodeal.

I found it unusual, as it was my first time to see a Filipino-Mexican restaurant. I could never imagine what this combination would taste like. But, Gorda’s Fil-Mex Urban Cuisine did great with their ingredients. When I visited their restaurant, I was amazed by their menu. They had keso quesadillas which was made with triple local keso, homemade crema, and ensalada. Then there were chicken tacos with atchara, a tapa burrito, and much more. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by these combos?

I was overwhelmed when I saw the menu. There were a variety of dishes I had never heard of before and I didn’t know what to pick. My friend and I had no idea what to get, so we ordered one dish from each section and shared. It was worth the money! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a combination of cuisines.

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