A Pit Full of Fun, For Adults Only

Ball Pit Manila

Once in a while, all adults deserve to have fun. Sometimes, we just want to experience how it feels to be a kid again. So when I found a Ball Pit Manila discount on Metrodeal, I decided to drag a friend along with me. The deal included a 1-hour pass to play around in 80,000 white plastic balls, and a choice of iced tea or coffee. It’s a great opportunity to get our mind off all our deadlines and demands in the office.

We had a joyful experience and couldn’t stop laughing. Whoever thought of this adult playground is a genius. Jumping and rolling around in plastic balls was a perfect activity as it was raining outside. You get to be carefree and laugh without having to stress your mind out. Just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean you have too, right?

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