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Serenity for a Day

Villa Escudero

My family and I had a lifetime experience of beautiful sceneries, outdoor activities and much more. We went to a day tour at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in Quezon Province. I was amazed by the spectacular view around me!

My family appreciated nature even more as the resort had so much to offer. Villa Escudero had plantations, waterfalls, museums, and nipa huts. All the pictures we saw on Metrodeal came to life. It was mesmerizing!

We had lunch by the waterfalls, enjoying a buffet of Filipino cuisines made with local ingredients. Our tummies were satisfied. Our lunch was what made the day tour worth it. Not only do we get to enjoy the food, but we got to appreciate the fresh breeze. It’s something you would never get to experience every day. The Metrodeal offer was a good grab.

I would love to go back here and just relax, as well as enjoy the scenery and good food.

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