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My First South American Diner Experience


I’m a huge fan of Italian food, especially pizza and pasta, and I never get tired of it. In fact, it’s my number one choice whenever I go out to eat.

But the other day, I decided to try something different since there are so many international cuisines popping up in every corner of the metro, as well as popular restos opening a branch here in the Philippines.

I haven’t tried South American food before, but I heard that this cuisine has many choices and the flavors are more bold and exciting. So, when I saw a deal for Naxional South American Diner at BGC on MetroDeal, I instantly availed the voucher!

The deal was definitely worth it, not only in terms of their food, but also its ambiance since they have an al fresco bar. Who doesn’t love a good drink after a sumptuous dinner, right? Their drinks had the right mix and were neatly presented to us!

I would definitely go back here and try more offerings on their menu, which is consisted of not only food from Mexico, but dishes from different places in South America as well. It definitely requires a second visit!

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