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Your Music for Sharing

Bluetooth Speaker by Metrodeal

Whenever my friends and I drive around the city, we always bring the best music or playlist we have. Music is my life, and I love sharing it with friends whenever I get the chance to. I know that the speakers of my phone are not enough to play loudly on its own so I keep on wishing someone would give me one of those portable speakers.

Just last week, my friend sent me this link to a MetroDeal offer for a Y86 Smart Box Mini Portable 3.0 Bluetooth Speaker. I was surprised to see that there’s a 58% discount! It comes in different colors, so I picked my favorite color (yellow).

It arrived at my house yesterday, and I must say, the sound is great for such a tiny body. It has a great battery life, too. I can already imagine the long drives while using this Bluetooth speaker. Did I already say that it comes with free delivery in Metro Manila?

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